Red Hot Carmen: Plus Size Lingerie by Elomi


I’m not adverse to getting my wabs out in the name of blog posts. You’ve already seen my recent review of the Curvy Kate Luxe Strapless (and if you haven’t, have a read here!) so you know what I look like without the straps – well, I’ve got something a little racier for you to feast your eyes upon.
Here’s the beautiful Carmen from Elomi Lingerie:



Carmen Poppy Plunge Bra – £38.00 (in Evans)
Carmen Poppy Knickers – £20 (in Evans)

This babely bra goes all the way from 32 to 46 back and a D to JJ cup! I KNOW!! I was well impressed too! I’m wearing a 38H in this bra and it fits like a dream, if not slightly small on my one bigger boob. The central gore sits steadfast on my chest and the cups support and lift my chesticles with ease and grace. My fave thing about this bra (other than its colour) is the J Hook clasp on the back that turns this bra from regular fitting straps to racer back straps with one swift motion! Now numb nuts here didn’t check to see if her bra was done up correctly, so please forgive the wonky band, but take a look at this racer back amazingness!



The bra and the full brief set have loads of sexy little touches to take this from an every day bra to something quite luxury. I felt like a sexy siren in this set – mostly down to the gorgeous lace detailing and cool silver emblem touches. Unfortunately, it looks like the briefs only go up to a size 22 – what about the babes with big boobs AND a big booty Elomi?

So now this little set has become my favourite little red number. I’ve managed to resist humming Lady In Red every time I see myself in the mirror whilst wearing it though, which is a testament to my excellent resolve. But as long as this remains on my body I will feel super confident and super hot! Thank you to the absolute babes at Elomi Lingerie for sending this out to me to review!



***This whole set was gifted to me to review by Elomi Lingerie but all the views are my own, as is this bangin’ hot bod!***


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Plus-size, body positive, feminist, lesbian - ME. Lives in London, has a Nottingham heart.

5 thoughts on “Red Hot Carmen: Plus Size Lingerie by Elomi

  1. Thank you for your review, it’s always so good to see well fitting lingerie for our beautiful chubby bodies! I especially love this red colour, it is so beautiful, and unique. Not to mention, it looks sexy as hell on you. The yummy detail on the lace really brings it home.

    Awesome review!


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