What is going on at ASOS – a Positive Update!

positive update (1)

Since writing this blog post about the issues that many of you have had to deal with, including the 50!! of you that contacted me after the post went live, there’s been a lot of discussion on various social media about how ASOS and other plus size brands can make a positive shift and represent […]

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What is going on at ASOS? A Frustrated Plus Size Girl’s Tale


***I’ve never really been one to shy away from controversy, so this post is going to be of no exception. It’s also quite long, so if you’re wanting something a little easier to read, check out my fashion trend forecast for A/W16!*** For fat women, it’s kind of rare to have a company that provides fashion […]

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Ahead of the Curve – 3 Plus Size Fashion Trends for A/W 2016


Yes alright, I know we’re in the middle of Summer and we’re (apparently) about to have a heat wave, but I am an impatient sort and I like to try and figure out what kind of thing I am going to be wearing next season. This Summer, we’ve seen 90’s fashion, bardot necklines, denim and […]

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Look for the Light – How to Beat Hopelessness


**This post will be quite personal and is written from the heart about mental health. If you’re here for fashion, you can find those posts here. Remember, this post is relevant to me and my experiences – if you’re struggling with hopelessness or any mental health issue, there are agencies and people that can help. In […]

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Invest in You – Investment Pieces to last you the Whole Year


I’m a huge fan of “fast fashion”. It plays well to my fickle and impulsive self, picking something cheap and cheerful that suits me for right now – but as I’m growing my fashion eyes (it’s a technical term, promise) I’m realising that I need more solid fashion pieces that not only sort me out […]

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NEW BRAND ALERT! Introducing Want That Trend


Every once in a while, a predominantly straight size brand realises that, in fact, plus size women also love fashion and they dip their toe into the world of plus size fashion. I’ve got the pleasure of introducing you to the newest plus size friendly brand on the block – step up to the plate […]

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Becoming A Sex Goddess – A Guide On Giving a F**k


***I’m going to talk to you about a pretty “taboo” subject now so if you are here for fashion advice or inspiration, you can find my latest fashion posts here! This post will talk frankly about sex and includes photos of every day women in their underwear. If you are offended by comments of a […]

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Blogger Envy – How to beat the Green Eyed Blog Monster


I’m going to be real with you a sec – I am so guilty of looking through the social media accounts of people I admire/want to be like and throwing an almighty strop because my life is not like that. Sometimes, I let the green eyed bitch inside me grab hold of the wheel and […]

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Maxi Tropical Vibes – Manon Baptiste at Navabi


I’m a huge fan of a floaty maxi dress. You’ve already seen my floral number from JD Williams (read about it here!) but I have to admit, I’ve been keeping something from you. I’ve had this dress hanging up in my closet since I was lucky enough to grab it at the Navabi blogger event, […]

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