How to Rock The Frills and Florals Trend Without Trying


London Fashion Week is in full swing and although I’ve taken this season out, I’ve been glued to Instagram watching the catwalks and the street style through the eyes of those that attended. It’s mega clear that amongst other things, interesting sleeves, frills and florals are big hits for the coming season. And how do […]

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The Coveted List – February 2017


I dunno about you, but I am still SO POOR after Christmas. My first pay cheque went in and then our of my account with such speed, I’m not even sure it happened in the first place! So what the hell is a shopaholic like me to do when the money is dry but the […]

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90’s Throwback Activewear with Simply Be


So I gave you a more casual look at atheleisure earlier on with the help of Evans, but its not all about casuals. I love a good slob about more than anyone, but I also love to get dressed up and make a statement. You can still make active wear make a statement for you […]

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Plus Size Atheleisure with Evans*


I’ve never been much of a sporty kind of girl. I mean, I used to swim and I played hockey a bit but that was back when I was like 11, does that count? – anyway, point is, I don’t really do sports. But does that mean I can’t do sport-luxe fashion? HELL NO IT […]

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Grunge Vibes – How to Rock the Rock Trend


So you might have guessed by the tattoos and general badassery that I am a lover of rock music. In fact, I am a lover of all music but Rock City in Nottingham is where I gained my musical education in my early 20’s and that of course filtered down and influenced my style quite […]

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FAT B*TCH And Other Compliments: Reclaiming the F Word


I am fat. I am also 30, I have long hair and I like dancing. There are all describing words for who I am, but only one of those words would make quite a lot of other people’s skin crawl. What is it about the three lettered F word that makes people feel like they’ve […]

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The One Resolution You Should Make and KEEP This Year


Ah January. The month after all the fun stuff. We spent the whole of November to December listening to adverts about mega gooey cheese, buying 27483937 more presents than you need to buy and frozen party foods. We ate mega dinners, sat in our PJs and drank alcohol and snacked on everything in sight. (Or […]

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