#MyBodyMyBFF – Body Love with Curvy Kate


When it comes to body love, I like to think I have a lot of it. Me and my body have been through a lot – I have hated it, I have been angry with it, I have adored it, I have been sad about it – it’s been a rough old journey for body […]

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The Fat Girl’s Guide to The Mirena Coil


***This blog post contains frank discussion about vaginas, uterus chat, periods, sexual health and contraception. If you don’t want to read about any of this, may I suggest this blog post about finding your own aesthetic and style?*** This post includes some handy images for you to download, keep and refer to when you are […]

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Staying in Your Lane: Finding Your Own Fat Girl Style


I’ve been having a weird few weeks of self-reflection recently. I’ve had a period of change, all good things, but oh my god it throws you for a loop doesn’t it? We get all a bit too comfortable from time to time and when you finally give yourself a kick up the bum to sort […]

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Plus Size Business Luxe with Studio 8

Over the Bank Holiday weekend I went to hang out with my bestie Chloe Elliot from ChloeinCurve. She lives out in the country and if you’ve kept up with her blog you’ll know she is the queen of luxury. Her photos are set in idyllic countryside aesthetics, her luxury styling is second to none and […]

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#SLTPanel – A Night of Sex Confessions with Scarlet Ladies Talk


I am a very sexual person. I’m in tune with my inner sex goddess and, as I demonstrated in this post about sex as a fat person, I don’t shy away from writing and talking about all things sex related. I love a good, frank and safe discussion about the naughty stuff, so when Scarlet […]

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Style Challenge: Denim And Sheer Attitude


Everyone knows I am a femme babe – I love nothing more than a cute dress and pinky hues (I mean this whole website is practically a girly fashion palace) but I’ve got a hidden, casual, slightly grumpy side. I sometimes find it mega hard to style myself when I am in a more casual […]

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