The Fat Girl’s Guide to – Eating in Public

I have wanted to write this piece for a while and with festive eating season way underway, why not now? If you talk to pretty much any plus size person about eating in public, you’ll hear… View Post

Answering your festive plus size fashion questions with Simply Be and Me!

***This is a paid advertisement for Simply Be, and contains affiliate links throughout – click here to read about affiliate links*** It’s the festive season and the geese are getting fat – these geese man,… View Post

The Fat Girls’ Guide to: Losing your Job

OK – to start this blog post off, I need to let you in to why I’ve been so quiet for, like, two months. It’s because I was trying to find a new job. Now… View Post

Of Homosexuality and Fatness – A Poem for Pride Season

I wrote this a few months ago with the intention of performing it one day. I’ve never got around to performing it, and with it being Pride season, I thought it was important that this… View Post

Embrace Your Body This Summer

Picture the scene – it’s summer, the sun is out, you are at a nice rooftop garden sipping on an ice cool beverage. Your pals around you are in super cute minidresses and shorts and… View Post