Shoot The Show – London Fashion Weekend with Canon and Currys PC World


**This is going to be an image heavy blog post! All images were taken by Emma Gunn or myself – if you take one to use elsewhere, please credit us!** This blogging malarkey has thrown up some pretty amazing opportunities in the past year for me. I’ve been to London Fashion Week earlier this year […]

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#ShareASmile with*


Just recently, I had the opportunity to get involved with the #ShareASmile campaign for A group of bloggers got together to arrange a gift swap, choosing items from GettingPersonal to send to each other and just generally spread some good vibes around! It’s always lovely when you receive a gift through the post, but […]

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B**ch Don’t Kill My Pride – A Body Appreciation Post


Life’s too short not to glitter in the sunlight, blinding your haters just by being alive and being RADIANT right? That’s what I thought! Whenever I am feeling a bit hard done by the karma llama, I always stick on something that is bright, sparkly and eye catching because there’s nothing better than feeling great […]

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Dungaree Dress Dreams – Evans Clothing


When the seasons start to change, it can be really tough to figure out what to wear – or at least it has been for me anyway. I’ve only just got used to having my legs out as much as possible and now I have to think about putting them away?! NOT FAIR! Anyway, I […]

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V.B.Oh Yeah! – Evans Ripped Knee Jeans


One of the last taboos of being fat, fashionable and visible is the visible belly outline, or the VBO. Now being a fatty who dares to be visible and tries to be fashionable, I also like to push boundaries (like you don’t know that by now!) and so this post is dedicated to my lovely […]

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90’s Ditzy Chic – Simply Be Cami Dress


I have become obsessed with the 90’s once again. I say once again because when it actually was the 90’s, I was going through my childhood (4-14) so I wasn’t as fashion obsessed as I am now. It was all Spice Girls and hair mascara for me… mostly Spice Girls, I had sooooo much merch […]

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What is going on at ASOS – a Positive Update!

positive update (1)

Since writing this blog post about the issues that many of you have had to deal with, including the 50!! of you that contacted me after the post went live, there’s been a lot of discussion on various social media about how ASOS and other plus size brands can make a positive shift and represent […]

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What is going on at ASOS? A Frustrated Plus Size Girl’s Tale


***I’ve never really been one to shy away from controversy, so this post is going to be of no exception. It’s also quite long, so if you’re wanting something a little easier to read, check out my fashion trend forecast for A/W16!*** For fat women, it’s kind of rare to have a company that provides fashion […]

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Ahead of the Curve – 3 Plus Size Fashion Trends for A/W 2016


Yes alright, I know we’re in the middle of Summer and we’re (apparently) about to have a heat wave, but I am an impatient sort and I like to try and figure out what kind of thing I am going to be wearing next season. This Summer, we’ve seen 90’s fashion, bardot necklines, denim and […]

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