12 Inspiring Plus Size YouTube Channels


When I first wanted to dip my toe into the body positive world of Plus Size Fashion, blogs were completely invaluable to me. There, I found women who looked like me but dressed how I wanted to dress and that just gave me hope and the kick up the bum I needed to sort myself […]

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Girl, You’d Better Work! – Studio 8 Plus Size Workwear


I’m really lucky in that where I work, I don’t have to get too dressed up for my day to day so I hardly ever have to worry about plus size workwear. Just recently though, I’ve found myself wanting to look a bit more professional when I get to the office. And who knows, if […]

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How To Wear Statement Metallics – Elvi Clothing Metallic Mac


This season you might have seen a hell of a lot of metallics around. I’ve already filled my wardrobe with gold trainers, silver dresses and bronze t-shirts, and I love wearing them with all my outfits just to give it an extra bit of sparkle. But what about when you want to make a statement with […]

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Monochrome Magic! The Yours Clothing Styling Challenge


There’s nothing quite like having friends that love the same stuff that you do, but there’s also nothing quite like having friends that show you things you’ve never seen or thought of before. My blogging bestie Hayley from Curves n Curls and I have two different ways of thinking when it comes to fashion – […]

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7 Amazing Halloween Outfits for Spooky Plussize Babes


I am a spooky babe and although I like to serve sickening looks all year round, I revel in the month of October because the run up to Halloween means LOADS of plus size fashion to choose from that really speaks to my inner goth. Okay, so it’s less of an inner and more of […]

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Blogging and The Ego – How to Cope when Blogging Friendships go Bad


The past few weeks have been really, really tough. I’m about to tell you a cautionary tale of what happens when blogging friendships go bad. Being in the blogging world can be pretty high pressured. If you’re reading this and you’re a blogger, chances are you’ve felt the unrelenting pressure to “do and say the right […]

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Wedding Realness with House of Magpie and Navabi


Two of my favourite people got married recently and I wanted to have the wedding guest dress to end all wedding guest dresses on hand for me to wear. I know, I know, you can’t upstage the bride (or brides, in this case) and I certainly didn’t – they both looked absolutely INCREDIBLE – but […]

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Shoot The Show – London Fashion Weekend with Canon and Currys PC World


**This is going to be an image heavy blog post! All images were taken by Emma Gunn or myself – if you take one to use elsewhere, please credit us!** This blogging malarkey has thrown up some pretty amazing opportunities in the past year for me. I’ve been to London Fashion Week earlier this year […]

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#ShareASmile with GettingPersonal.co.uk*


Just recently, I had the opportunity to get involved with the #ShareASmile campaign for GettingPersonal.co.uk. A group of bloggers got together to arrange a gift swap, choosing items from GettingPersonal to send to each other and just generally spread some good vibes around! It’s always lovely when you receive a gift through the post, but […]

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B**ch Don’t Kill My Pride – A Body Appreciation Post


Life’s too short not to glitter in the sunlight, blinding your haters just by being alive and being RADIANT right? That’s what I thought! Whenever I am feeling a bit hard done by the karma llama, I always stick on something that is bright, sparkly and eye catching because there’s nothing better than feeling great […]

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