The post that started the cogs turning…

Yesterday, I posted a photo of myself on my social media pages after watching some of the other amazing bloggers on Plus Sized Wars (Channel 4).  It was the reaction I got to this that inspired me to write this blog.

I’m going to put it here too, so I can look back on this and remind myself of how this started I guess!

Emosh rant below – feel free to ignore in case TL; DR = fat and fucking fabulous. It’s taken a lot for me to do this, just FYI. Also, if fat bodies offend you, feel free to delete/hide me. This might be the start of something.

I have followed the utter babes that were just on Plus Sized Wars for the past few years and those girls have given me more confidence, more genuine love for my own body and more knowledge on body positive thinking than I’ve ever had in my entire life. Danielle Vanier, Callie Thorpe and Georgina Horne in particular have been the three that I’ve allowed to influence me the most.

I’ve got big boobs, a big bum, big hips and a barely cinched in waist, chunky legs and wobbly arms and a big belly and I love who I am. I am plus-sized, I am beautiful and I am happy. 

I can’t even begin to tell you how thankful I am for those amazing women who turned around years of thinking I would never be good enough as a bigger lady, feeling I was the fat ugly one in my group of friends, into the way I feel today. There were people in my life who led me to believe that as a bigger person I would never find love, I would never look good, I would never be beautiful – finding these incredible women, who have had the same struggles as me and who are fashionable, positive women has been life changing for me.

Being plus-sized and body positive is a hard battle to win, but I’m getting there. This photo is a challenge for me, but if those babely babes can do it…

Here is my size 20-22 frame in my very first bikini, belly over hang and wobbly thighs on show. It is beautiful. I am beautiful.

Bikini – Forever 21+

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