The Pink Print – Boohoo Plus Camo Bomber and Alice and You Cami Dress

The Pink Print – Boohoo Plus Camo Bomber and Alice and You Cami Dress

Much like what feels like everyone and their dogs, I have become enamoured with dusky pink. Not to the level of some of my blogging brethren, but enough so that it has started to sneak into my wardrobe. Now I am a girly type, but I am not *pink* girly. So, I’m faced with a dilemma of how to incorporate this new obsession into my daily looks without changing who I am as a human being.

You’ve seen me in a 90’s inspired look on a previous post and let me tell you my friend, this post will be no exception. I think I have truly found my feet with this trend, it is just soooo me! I find it really wearable. Anyway, I needed to find a way of starting to add bits to it that are more transitional for A/W and by jove, I think I have cracked it with this Boohoo Camo Bomber and Alice and You Cami Dress:

Boohoo Camo Bomber Jacket £22.00
Alice and You Cami Dress (from ASOS Curve) £38.00

So obviously this Alice and You dress is summer, but add a white tee underneath and a pair of ankle books and BAM hellooooo A/W. I love how floaty this is and it is LUXE because it has a very thick inner lining which I just love. It’s quite a heavy dress, and the straps are a bit long, so it does tend to travel. I bought this in my usual size and to be quite honest, I should have got it in a size down because it is huuuuge.

The bomber however is just PERF. I love it. I wear it with all things at the moment because I love it so much. It is slightly cropped which makes it a lot more comfortable to wear if you’ve got big ass hips like I do. It is thin, again a plus for me because I tend to get really hot really quickly. I love the camo print – sooooo on trend for A/W and of course I have that pop of dusky pink. Boohoo have got this BANG ON. It butches up this outfit really well too, so I am here for that. I got this in my usual size and it fits perfectly.


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  1. September 6, 2016 / 8:27 pm

    Looking good missy! I’m loving that choker too. xx
    x LoveLeah x

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