Lottietalk – The Bood

Today, I have been in the worst mood ever. I’ve been tired, hungry and grumpy which if you know me, you know is a terrible combination.

Usually,I’m all about the positivity. I try to look on the bright side of life all the time and most of all, I try and help others look that way too. Sometimes though, I need a little helping hand to feel better.

I used to have this thing with some friends where we would take two words, shorten them and make new words. For example, a blue cardigan would become a bludigan. When I was in a bad mood once, we called it a bood. Today was definitely a bood day.

Here is a typical example of bood (excuse the shit lighting and my general appearance):


Now usually, the things that make me less bood-y like chocolate, cheesy music and giggles work like a charm. I got to work, stuck on my good mood playlist and it annoyed me even more. So I switched to my ‘Fuck You’ playlist. This playlist consists of screamy music and guitars. It certainly made me feel better but also shifted my bood into a super bood. The kind that simmers just below the surface until someone asks you something simple like if you’d like a biscuit and then BAM – SUPERBOOD.


I realise the above is a photo of a bear, however it is also very close to what I look like when in full SUPERBOOD.

I’ve let this grump take me all the way through to right this very moment, writing this post. It’s made me grumpy with my girlfriend, quiet at work, annoyed at friends and worst of all, annoyed at myself.
I’ve a lot of great things to look forward to (see previous post) but today they all seem a little too far away.

What do you do to stay positive? Do you have any tips to get out of your own SUPERBOOD? Help a girl out!

Lottie x

P.S. This good thing did happen today though – look at my brand new business cards! I’ll be giving them out left right and centre tomorrow at the Curvy Convention… See? I’m feeling better already…


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