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I am a woman who is at war with her hair. I’ve been cursed with naturally straight, naturally blonde hair. Why am I moaning I hear you scream, a million women would go crazy for naturally poker straight hair and blonde hues – well, not me. I dye my hair blue black (John Frieda home dye is a godsend – cue a thousand hairdressers telling me off for using home dye) and I do what I can to get body and movement into my hair.

For the last few months or years, its been that long, I’ve been growing my hair. Its the longest I’ve ever had it and it’s everything I wanted. I used to wear hair pieces a lot to get that long fuller hair look and now I finally have it naturally… and I am bored with it.


In this picture, I had my hair in plaits all day, and I managed to keep my hair like this for all of about 10 minutes before it went as limp as a soggy sausage.

I have also been cursed with an infeasibly large forehead. I call it a Five-head – one larger than a forehead. I honestly think that if I stood still too long at the cinema, I’d have the latest Bond film shown on it. I’ve gone for a fringe over and over and over again in the past, and this is the longest that I have been fringe-free, but I think that tide is starting to turn.

Female portrait

I usually go for a side part, but recently the thought of having a nice full fringe like the picture above has become more appealing. Having a five-head and a face as round as the moon means that framing it with sharp angles and lots of hair can be tricky. I am completely besotted with this look – although a few more layers wouldn’t go a miss, just for a bit more movement around the chops.

If I were to have a side part and a sweeping fringe – I would go for the Emma Stone:

 (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC/NBC NewsWire via Getty Images)

(Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC/NBC NewsWire via Getty Images)

But of course for that hair to look any good on me, it would need to be less straight and more wavy – something that my hair has never done before. I often use GHD’s to curl my hair, as well as the no-heat method which basically involves me twirling sections of my hair stupidly tight and pinning them to my head for the night. My hair only keeps it if I use a shed load of hairspray. I would love to try things like curlers or maybe something more permanent like a perm but I think I would either A) be rubbish at doing it or B) not look after it enough.

All in all, I am at a bit of a crossroads. I don’t want to change the colour of my hair (I like being a snow white goth princess of darkness) but I am desperate for an image change. The main issue is not having an incredible hairdresser that I trust in London – I am fully open to suggestions and recommendations – so I am a bit too scared to change what I already know.

Do you girls have any advice for a girl in dire need of a hair rescue? Are there any amazing hairstyles you’ve seen that you’re wanting to try too?

Let me know!

Lottie xx


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