“That’s Just My Opinion” and other Micro Aggressions

‘Tis the season for micro aggression against fat people. Whether it’s a family member going “oh you want three Yorkshire puddings?” coupled with a knowing look, or a stranger passing comment on your outfit with a… View Post

How Body Positivity is Failing Fat Bodies

I’ve noticed something recently about Body Positivity. There’s been a definite shift in the way bopo has been used in the media, by plus size models such as Iskra Lawrence and Ashley Graham, and by… View Post

What is Wrong With The Term Plus Size?

So I realise that the world of plus size babes has moved on from the great plus size debate about how to best call clothing that is for fat women without making them feel shit… View Post

When is a Catwalk Model “Too Thin” or “Too Fat”?

UK Plus Size Fashion Week just happened, New York Fashion Week is going on and London Fashion Week is not far away, so the media spotlight is well and truly glaring over the fashion industry… View Post