Body Positivity: BODY Charity and Sali – an Interview!

For my weekly body positivity post (read last week’s HERE) I’ve had a chat to a very good friend of mine who is not only an amazing Make Up Artist, but she also helps out… View Post

Introducing Plus Size Brand ElliottJane and Persse – Pink Silk Weave Skirt

***READ ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM FOR AN EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODE!*** I don’t know about you guys, but when I see a new brand on the plus size fashion scene, I get super excited… View Post

I Don’t Want To Be Brave – Body Positivity

One of the words that is so readily banded about in the plus-size community is BRAVE. As in “its so brave of you to post a photo in a crop top” or “you’re so brave… View Post

REVIEW: I Love Curvy Convention! – Featuring Lady Voluptuous AND Lisa Riley’s new range!

Yesterday, I attended the first Curvy Convention in the heart of London. Now as a relatively new blogger, I must say my nerves were in my throat! I’ve read the blogs of some pretty amazing… View Post

The Holiday Edit

Back on British Soil once more – *sigh*. I had the best holiday in Santorini, and I’ve got so much to share with you! First things first though, I’ve got my new logo to share… View Post