The Coveted List – February 2017

So here’s my coveted list for February 2017. I dunno about you, but I am still SO POOR after Christmas. My first pay cheque went in and then our of my account with such speed,… View Post

Plus Size Atheleisure with Evans*

I’ve never been much of a sporty kind of girl. I mean, I used to swim and I played hockey a bit but that was back when I was like 11, does that count? –… View Post

Grunge Vibes – How to Rock the Rock Trend

So you might have guessed by the tattoos and general badassery that I am a lover of rock music. In fact, I am a lover of all music but Rock City in Nottingham is where… View Post

How To Wear: Winter Skirt Separates 

So you read all the nitty gritty from my trip to Rome last week, but I know the real question in your brain was “but what skirt did you wear Lottie?” – don’t try and… View Post

Dungaree Dress Dreams – Evans Clothing

When the seasons start to change, it can be really tough to figure out what to wear – or at least it has been for me anyway. I’ve only just got used to having my… View Post