This is going to be a photo heavy post – sorry if you’re coming here for my wit 😉 If you’re a plus-size babe, you’ve probably heard us bloggers rattling on about an event called… View Post

Be an Optimist Prime, not a Negatron – Body Positivity vs Body Snark

Warning – I am a bit of a potty mouth in this post. If bad language offends you, click off this page. Last night, it appeared that every dickhead was on the internet spreading their… View Post

I Promise…

I recently got approached by a brand and asked to do a giveaway and brand awareness post in exchange for money. This brand wasn’t one I had ever heard of, so I had a quick… View Post

M&S Will Make Ya… JUMP! JUMP!

If you get the song reference in my post title, you get 10 cool points. If not, I am referencing Kriss Kross – Jump! – please find this song on Youtube and realise why I… View Post

#OOTD Botanical Babe – REVIEW featuring New Look Inspire via ASOS Curve

Whilst I was hanging around at the Things and Ink event at the weekend, I tapped on my ASOS app (if you don’t have it, get it – it’s amazing and sometimes they do cheeky… View Post