Answering your festive plus size fashion questions with Simply Be and Me!

Answering your festive plus size fashion questions with Simply Be and Me!

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It’s the festive season and the geese are getting fat – these geese man, I’ve been fat this whole time, why do they get their own festive saying huh? The party season is truly upon us and so is the party season body blues. Well, I’ve teamed up with Simply Be to help banish a couple of body blues sent in from real Simply Be customers.

“How to hide problem areas during the festive party season? Like, upper arms, belly? Do you have tips on how to avert people’s eyes from those to highlight other areas?”

Well babe, first of all, there ain’t a problem area on your body my angel! Every single inch of you is incredible. So the first thing I want you to do is avert your attention away from the bits you feel sad about and instead focus on how amazing you are – yes, even those wobbly bits you’d rather forget… Take a look in the mirror and tell yourself that you’re stunning. Even if you don’t feel it. Keep saying it, say it until the words don’t feel weird in your mouth any more. 

But, if you’re having a particularly rubbish body day, my tried and true way to combat this particular body blues is to wear something WILD. The best way to avert people’s gazes are to knock them senseless with something so spectacular there won’t be time to focus on the other bits! If you’ve got a great rack, let the girls free. If you’ve got amazing legs, let them do the talking AND the walking! And if all else fails, get a killer coat like this festive Simply Be faux fur and pearl embellished one and a sparkly handbag like this reversible sequin one and blind them with your brilliance. I love the coat because it adds both fun and elegance to an outfit – I feel like I could wear it with my jeans and sling it over a dress too! The bag is big enough to hold all of your essentials in too – what a steal!

“I have bad eczema on my legs and I’m quite a large lady, so I’m looking for inspiration of nice trouser suits to go out in over the festive season…”

Oh honey, me too! Eczema has been a real struggle for me. This year, my eczema has manifested itself on my feet and my lower legs, so I’ve been left with some scarring and some still itchy areas too. Now, I’ve found that having soft, flowing fabrics over my skin helps a lot more with my eczema rather than having something a little more robust and structured.

Wearing tights against your eczema is not the way forward, and we can’t have you going bare legged in the festive cold and snow! So, I actually find that jumpsuits work really well for me, and Simply Be do great ones!They are much easier to dress up and down, they are super comfortable and if you get the right one, they are easy to get in and out of too! This wide legged, kimono leopard print jumpsuit has lovely, silky fabric with lots of stretch, but it’s still thick enough to feel warm in and it has a great wrap over front so it’s really easy to get in and out of when you’re in the loo! 

So, have you got any body hangups you want answering this festive season? If so, leave them in the comments below and we can tackle them together – or if you follow me on Instagram, we can chat there too!

Lottie xxx

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