My first Outfit of the Day!

So here, posed in my front garden, is my very first outfit of the day!

I’ll try and do this once a day and do little close ups of certain things so you can really get a picture.

I’ll work on my posing too – my chubby face is my least fave thing on me!

  • Cardigan – gifted vintage from Lucie’s Attic
  • Hair Flower – Curious Cat (by the wonderful Lou La La!)
  • Necklace – BĂȘte Noire
  • Vest – Primark
  • Mini skirt – H&M
  • Leggings – New Look
  • Sandals – New Look (now discontinued)

Here’s a closer look at the necklace (and several tattoos!):

And here’s a closer look at my hair flower:

Let me know what you think guys! I’ll update with links to the pieces later on.

Lottie x

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