7 Amazing Halloween Outfits for Spooky Plussize Babes

7 Amazing Halloween Outfits for Spooky Plussize Babes

I am a spooky babe and although I like to serve sickening looks all year round, I revel in the month of October because the run up to Halloween means LOADS of plus size fashion to choose from that really speaks to my inner goth. Okay, so it’s less of an inner and more of an outer goth but I JUST LOVE HALLOWEEN ALRIGHT?!

So what’s a plus size babe to do when it’s the most wonderful time of the year? If you’re looking for something a little less costume-y but still in-your-face Halloween-y, I’ve got you covered. Here’s the best of what’s on offer to us ghouls this year. Just click on the picture to get to the item!:

Hanging out at home


You don’t have to go to the club to celebrate Halloween – sometimes it’s nice to just snuggle up and watch scary movies surrounded by candle light and snacks! I’ll be buying this beauty so that I can do just that this Halloween! I love me some comfort.

Too Ghoul for School


This body and leggings combo is perfect teamed with a leather jacket and a plum lip for dressing up at college or uni for those ghastly lectures. This is also a perfect outfit if you’re working behind the bar at a ghoulish party – stick on some fake blood and the night is yours!

The All-Year-Round Spook


Lads I dunno about you, but I would 100% wear this after Halloween. I love the structure of this dress and that skull is the right kind of spooky to wear all through the year. I’d wear this with Doc Martins, a choker and a smoky eye for a night out, or just with trainers and a bomber for an every day look!

Pumpkin Fright Latte


It ain’t all dark colours and broody moods – you too can be as bright and as happy as a pumpkin in this dress! It doubles up as an easy costume too – just put a green bow in your hair and HEY PRESTO – pumpkin lady!

Very Very BITE-ning Me!


Looking for the Edward to your Bella? The Nosferatu to your Ellen? The Dracula to your Lucy? Make it as obvious as humanly possible by wearing this top! If you do actually get bitten though, don’t come crying to me – you wanted this lifestyle 😉

Grab a BONEFUL of This!


I love a cheeky top as much as the next person, and this little boob-grabber is perfect for me! I’d wear this over ripped skinny jeans and killer heels for pre-drinks and a club night.

I Feel it in my BONES


Obviously by now you have seen how much of a fan of skeletons I am, but this one is a little bit different. I love the foil print and the beautiful flowers that the bones are made up of. It’s a feminine take on a scary classic!


  1. Emma Ellis
    October 10, 2016 / 5:08 pm

    Love this post! I struggle with fancy dress costumes and confidence but most of these would definitely work for me this halloween! Not too fancy dress but still in the halloween spirit! Xxx

  2. October 10, 2016 / 6:01 pm

    I adore this post-I am obsessed with all things Halloween and would happily wear every single one of these.

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