Plus Size Style Inspiration: Autumn Transitional Trends and introducing StyleInCurve!

Plus Size Style Inspiration: Autumn Transitional Trends and introducing StyleInCurve!

I dunno about you, but when it gets to late August/early September, I start thinking about pumpkin spice lattes, Goose Fair (big up the Nottingham massive lol) and falling leaves. No, I don’t want to wish away summer because I love me some sunshine, but I do start yearning for snuggly weather and with it, snuggly fashion trends.

Even being my fashionista self (tooting my own horn much) I sometimes have a bit of a flap when the seasons are transitioning. I want to find fashion that suits me when it’s warm, but that I can cosy up when the wind starts getting a bit harsher. Luckily, my best friend in the whole world, Chloe Elliott from ChloeInCurve has started her new online, plus size styling venture, StyleInCurve! Go and hire her to give you anything from outfit inspo, trend reports or a full wardrobe overhaul! Here’s one of StyleInCurve’s sample new season edits – so good isn’t it?

StyleInCurve’s Sample Trends Board


I got so inspired by StyleInCurve that I wanted to try my hand at doing my own trend boards for the new season. For me, Autumn usually means the start of jewel tones, sparkle and knitwear entering the atmosphere again – three trends that never really go out of style when it’s getting colder! So in order to give both you and I a head start, here’s three key trends that you can start buying up now ready for the colder months – step on up, Autumn Brights, Pearl Rockstar and Silver Siren! Just click on the little plus symbols to get more information!

Autumn Brights


Pearl Rockstar



Silver Siren



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  1. August 21, 2017 / 1:57 pm

    I love this Lottie. I just wear my less summery clothes with a jumper on top but this has given me serious shopping ideas.

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