Ahead of the Curve – 3 Plus Size Fashion Trends for A/W 2016

Ahead of the Curve – 3 Plus Size Fashion Trends for A/W 2016

Yes alright, I know we’re in the middle of Summer and we’re (apparently) about to have a heat wave, but I am an impatient sort and I like to try and figure out what kind of thing I am going to be wearing next season.

This Summer, we’ve seen 90’s fashion, bardot necklines, denim and tassels and I’ve quite frankly loved every second of it. It’s rare that there’s a season where all the trends are completely wearable to me, I usually like maybe two or three elements and throw them all together but this Summer I have rocked a bit of everything!

It looks like A/W16 is going to be the same kind of thing for me with lots of really luxe, wearable items and trends that hit the catwalks earlier on this year. I’m going to translate a few of those into plus size friendly options so HOLD ON TO YOUR PURSES, I’m about to take you on a fashion forecast of epic proportions, with plenty of options on how to get ahead of the curve by buying NOW for next season. Just call me the fat female Michael Fish of fashion

Military Babes

That’s right, it’s time to embrace your inner GI Jane and stand to attention – the military trend is looking to be back with a vengeance this A/W. Think Cheryl Cole – Fight For This Love video with double breasted jackets in classic military colours, twists on classic camo and sharp tailoring and you’ll pretty much be there! It’s all about looking sharp and ready for action (ooeer).


R-L: Boohoo Plus – £22.00, Alice and You at ASOS Curve– £32.00, RI Plus – £55.00

Sports Luxe

So this has been a bit of an ongoing trend that doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere any time soon. Atheleisure has been a really comfortable trend – let’s be honest, wearing joggers and a cute bomber jacket and still being a fashion g-o-d-d-e-s-s is a trend that I can get on board with! For A/W though, the luxury side of sport appears with lots of luscious fabric choices such as satin and leather, as well as jumpsuits that should be worn with bright metallic to bring it into the party season! I’ll be wearing sporty tees with faux leather trousers or skirts.



R-L: Pink Clove at ASOS Curve – £24.00, Boohoo Plus – £15.00, ASOS Curve – £38.00

Mac Attack!

Everyone’s favourite transitional outerwear piece is having another moment this year, but it’s not like anything you have seen before. Instead of your traditional camel coloured trench coats, you need to be thinking a lot more differently! This season sees metallics, muted colours and beautiful prints and embellishments. It’s about fighting the gloomier days with illuminating outerwear!



R-L: ASOS Curve – £75.00, Elvi – £149.00 (available 19th August), Evans – £60.00


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