Embrace Your Body This Summer

Embrace Your Body This Summer

Picture the scene – it’s summer, the sun is out, you are at a nice rooftop garden sipping on an ice cool beverage. Your pals around you are in super cute minidresses and shorts and sleeveless tops. But you, you my friend are wearing a cardi. You’ve got leggings on. You’re sweating your tits off but it’s OK, because at least you aren’t drawing attention to yourself, right? What if I told you that there’s another way? A way to enjoy the sun without feeling the umpteenth drip of sweat roll down your cleavage?

Listen, I used to be just like you. Sometimes, I still am just like you. I had kid myself into believing that if I covered up, I could just blend into the background. I had decided that the fleeting opinions of others were worth more than my own personal comfort. Just read that last sentence again for me please – I had decided that the fleeting opinions of other were worth more than my own personal comfort. Do you see how weird that sounds?

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You’re already summer body ready.

The turning point for me was seeing other fashionable, fat women living their best lives. Actually, the main reason I started this blog was so that I could (hopefully) be one of those fashionable, fat women – and maybe I could inspire someone to live their best life! This ELVI summer dress is certainly helping me on my quest, don’t you think?

Ultimately, the main thing that I did was realise that I had given all of this power, power to negatively affect my life, to strangers. Let’s be real, people are dicks and they’re always going to find something to dislike about you. Whether it’s your size, your voice, your hair, your personality – whatever, people will find it. You have no control over that. But what you DO have control over, is how it affects you. 

This isn’t about having a thick skin. This is about remembering that what these sad, boring people say is fleeting. It is temporary. They don’t have any control over your life, nor do they mean anything to you. Remember “your body, your rules?” well, the same applies here. Let’s look at our thinner friends for example. Being smaller in stature does not make them impermeable to nasty comments. Every single one of us has body hang ups.

Location : Shoreditch, London
Dress – ELVI Clothing
Shoes – Simply Be
Bag – Pretty Little Thing

“Being smaller in stature does not make our smaller friends impermeable to nasty comments.”

lottie lamour-summer advice-plus size fashion-plus size-uk fashion blogger

But our smaller friends still get their arms out. They still wear short skirts. They still wear clothing that makes them comfortable in warmer weather and that, my friends, is because the media says that their bodies are acceptable enough to do that. Well, the riot grrl within me thinks FUCK THAT! You are just as acceptable to get your skin out. Let the wind dance across your skin and blow away any negativity! A fat girl letting her skin feel the sunshine is still a political act, and you should allow that to empower you. How awesome is that? You can be a change maker, an inspiration, an ultimate badass just by wearing clothes that make you comfortable!

So the truth is, my fat friend – they aren’t the ones that hold the power. It’s you. You’re the force to be reckoned with, you’re the one who makes a stand, you hold the power to change the world. So stop giving it away! This summer, harness your magic and shine. Get those sexy legs out, let your bingo wings flap in the breeze and LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE.

***This ELVI dress was gifted to me, but I wasn’t paid to review it. I just bloody love it!***


  1. May 31, 2018 / 11:58 am

    oh. my. god. What a brilliant post! Firstly, I adore how quotable you are with these strong statements. Such a breath of fresh air. Secondly, I actually know you mean it. Very much so. It’s clear your own bopo journey is still ongoing, and that you need to hear these words just as much as your readers. Thirdly, THIS DRESS AMAGHAD THE COLOUR THE CUT THE WAY YOU’VE STYLED IT I CAN’T EVEN. I adore this post. I wanna see you in more colour! <3

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