Will You Join The Body Confidence Revolution?

Will You Join The Body Confidence Revolution?

I wrote about a babe called Leyah Shanks as part of a campaign for Simply Be a few months ago (read about it here). She is a body confidence pioneer who runs The Body Confidence Revolution – a safe space for all bodies to be celebrated regardless of age, race, ability, sexuality, gender presentation, size or shape. You should also all know by now that I am a huge advocate for Body Positivity, in particular fat positivity and representation for LGBT+ bodies in fat circles (read my post on being a big fat lesbian here!). So when Leyah was looking for people to join her revolution, I jumped at the chance! Luckily, I was selected and now I am a fully fledged Ambassador for TBCR!


It’s so important to me that we take time to relish our bodies – every single last bit of it. I started this blog because I had found solace within the plus size community and I desperately wanted to give back. My body and I had warred for years, and thanks to finding positive confident women like Callie, Danie, George and Bets I had found peace with my own body. Joining The Body Confidence Revolution is a huge jump up to the next step for me – showing a wider audience that fat bodies (especially those in the LGBT+ spectrum) are magnificent and worthy of love. We are a Body Positive movement, meaning we feel that all bodies are perfect, but my focus will continue to be on plus-size bodies as I feel it is very important for an increased awareness and appreciation of bodies that are often overlooked.


With Body Positivity starting with its roots in fat positive spaces, although now diluted to suit a mainstream society, it holds the power to change the lives of us all for the better. We only have one body, and that body will see us through out entire lifetime. No matter what we put it through, hatred should not be a part of it. So, will you join The Body Confidence Revolution? It’s time to be radical!

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  1. April 30, 2016 / 6:42 pm

    Love Leyah Shanks and the TBCR …. & I can’t think of anyone better to be involved than your sweet cheeks!

    C xx

    Ps. you looked amazingly hot in the sneak peek previews of the unretouched lingerie shoot!

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