Blogs and Brands I Love

Here’s a list of the other blogs I like to read – take a look! – Danielle Vanier uses her love of prints, bold colours, statement accessories and textures to bring you the very best of fashion. She’s a real trailblazer! – Callie Thorpe is the queen of casual looks. She does day to day fashion with a stylish twist and I am in awe of her gorgeous hair (and her kittens!) – Bethany Rutter is the no-holds-barred femme super queen of fat positivity and outlandish fashion. Her ability to throw different textures together is inspiring! – Georgina Horne gives you vintage bombshell by the bucket load and honest reviews of key underwear garments mixed with a few lifestyle tips. – Stephanie Yeboah is not only one of the worlds most BEAUTIFUL WOMEN EVER but she is stylish, she writes from the heart and she stands up for all that is right in the world. Such a pioneer for women everywhere! – Debz Aiken is the originator of #WeAreTheThey and the mother hen of the body positive movement. Her unapologetic takes on being a larger plus size woman are both inspiring and motivating. – Georgina Grogan is the plus size beauty queen of the blogging world! She is your go-to-girl for all things make up related and some really killer vintage inspired dresses. A real life doll! – Becky Barnes gives you nothing but relaxed, stylish vibes and just like me, knows how to rock a jumpsuit like a rock star! – Gabi is an American babe who is blazing trails with her own fashion lines and hot bright patterned fashion takes. One of the first bloggers I ever followed! – Nadia Aboulhosn is the latina bombshell from America. I love her sass and her style is street fabulous. Check out her range at Boohoo! – Lucia Morris is another plus size babe at the higher end of the scale pushing fashion boundaries by wearing what society tells her she shouldn’t and rocking the hell out of it! – Tanya Brannan is a vintage vixen, rocking it for the over 40’s crowd. Her array of vintage dresses has me salivating on a daily and just LOOK at how gorgeous she is!

Here’s the brands that I love the most!

ASOS Curve
Ready To Stare
Society Plus
Interrobang Art
Black Heart Creatives
Chubby Cartwheels
Freedom Make Up
Simply Be
Forever 21+
Yours Clothing
River Island
Marks and Spencer