Plus Size Atheleisure with Evans*

Plus Size Atheleisure with Evans*

I’ve never been much of a sporty kind of girl. I mean, I used to swim and I played hockey a bit but that was back when I was like 11, does that count? – anyway, point is, I don’t really do sports. But does that mean I can’t do atheleisure fashion? HELL NO IT DOES NOT. Now I’ve watched as atheleisure comes in and out of fashion each year and I’ve never really given it a go – but I decided this year would be that year. Now how is a lazy fat girl going to rock atheleisure in a casual manner?

Evans contacted me about their new atheleisure and activewear range and I just HAD to review some bits for you. As a non-sporty girl, I really wanted to show you that sportswear isn’t just for the gym (what’s a gym? KIDDING) and you can look incredible and casual all in one go.

Evans’ new range of activewear is both functional and fashion forward with a number of simple items that are really easy to dress up as well as down, and a few more functional pieces that any fat girl could easily wear to the gym or out for a run if she were so inclined. Here are the pieces I picked:

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Atheleisure Joggers – £20.00 – Evans
Top – £7.00 – Evans
Trainers – £22.00 – Simply Be

These atheleisure joggers are the most comfortable things I have ever put on my body ever. Seriously. They are made of a very soft jersey kind of material and don’t cut in anywhere. I love the fact that they have pockets that are contrasted against the dark grey marl. They don’t have any ankle cuffs which make them perfect for a casual laid back look. These joggers would look good from the sofa to the gym to the street. I am wearing these a couple of sizes bigger than I usually would at a size 26 as I wanted them to be baggy – in all honesty, these fit as though they are a size 24, so if you’re also looking for a slouchy look, make sure you size up.

The top is a thicker cotton material and really did keep me warm whilst shooting this look (it was bloody freezing!). A black crew neck longsleeved top is the chameleon of the fashion world so you’d be mad to not have 234 of these in your wardrobe. This one is particularly amazing quality and fits true to size – I’m wearing a 20-22.


Red T-Shirt – £14.00 – Evans
Trainers – As Before

This long T-shirt is perfect to wear casually over leggings like this if you’re after a properly laid back style, or over some ripped jeans and heels for a dressed up version of sports luxe. The material is quite thin on this though, so I would wear this under a cool bomber jacket normally. I’m wearing this in a 22-24 and its the right side of baggy for me. With it being a thinner material, it’d be perfect to wear whilst working out actually!

Evans Activewear is the go-to destination for girls who want to look good whilst working out – but equally just as good for lazy girls wanting to nail the atheleisure look just like me!

***I was paid for this post and Evans kindly sent me some clothes to review. All my opinions as ever are 100% my own! This post also contains some affiliate links – you can read my disclosure about affiliate links here***

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