12 Inspiring Plus Size YouTube Channels

12 Inspiring Plus Size YouTube Channels

When I first wanted to dip my toe into the body positive world of Plus Size Fashion, blogs were completely invaluable to me. There, I found women who looked like me but dressed how I wanted to dress and that just gave me hope and the kick up the bum I needed to sort myself out. Now, there’s more plus size bloggers than ever and with the blogs come the YouTube channels!

I started out blogging because, well, if I’m honest writing has always been a talent of mine (what’s that beeping? AH YES it’s me tooting my own horn…) and I just found it the easiest to do, but I’ve always been intrigued by doing vlogs for fat women. I finally bit the bullet and created my own YouTube channel just recently – it’s still in its infancy, but I really enjoy filming and editing! Here’s my latest video (excuse the loud background music, I’m still learning! It’s louder at the beginning than at the end) – please do subscribe and thumbs up the video if you liked it, it proper helps me out!

I wouldn’t have ever had the balls to do YouTube videos if it wasn’t for some of the plus size YouTube babes I already follow, so here’s a list of my fave fat babes who are keeping it real over on the ‘Tube.

1 – Gracie Francesca

Gracie is the epitome of keeping it real – her vlogs are all about real life issues mixed in with a bit of fashion, beauty and travel. She’s not afraid to speak her mind and talk about issues like sexual health, sexuality and body image. I can see why she’s called The Internet’s Big Sister. You can now find her on BBC Three regularly taking her realness to your TV!

2 – Chanel Ambrose

Chanel is one of the most strikingly beautiful women I have ever seen in my life! Her fresh takes on fashion (girl, she can put a look together!) and beauty is captivating – she truly gives you life goals in every video! I love the way she edits her videos and her personality is so bright and lovely – I just love listening to what she has to say.

3 – Leah XL

I’ve been following Leah’s channel for a while now because I just love the make up looks she puts together! She’s predominantly a beauty vlogger, but her little vlogs with her wife have ended up being made into a whole different blog, The Lander-Shafiks. They still keep up with their weekly vlog though so you can have a peek into her married life on her regular channel!

4 – Kitty Rambles A Lot

Kitty’s vlog is a really cute snapshot of her family life with her (newlywed) hubby and her pets. She focuses mostly on plus size fashion, but she throws in the odd beauty vlog and home interiors vlog into the mix too. I especially like hearing about her photography business and the shoots she’s been going on!

5 – GlitterandLazers

Anna is a plus size yogi from America who’s positivity is infectious and who’s love of fashion means you get to see all manners of looks from her. She is not afraid of trying something new and it’s that spirit and confidence that just radiates out from her. You just want to watch what she’s gonna do next!

6 – LoeyLane

Another YouTuber from across the pond, Loey is absolutely gorgeous and has the most beautiful hair I’ve seen on a person haha! I love her ability to not give a crap about other people’s opinions of herself. She truly serves up body positivity by the pound and isn’t afraid to get her body out to prove it. Her Day in the Life Of… vlogs gives you a peek into the life of a vlogging megastar too!

7 – Sprinkle of Glitter

Louise Pentland is my new hero. Her blog before was aimed at a slightly younger audience than I and I found some of her videos a bit difficult to watch but since the start of this year, Louise has decided to make a more mature turn on her vlog and now I find myself tuning in more regularly than I did before. She tackles a lot of “real life” issues and talks more candidly about her body and things like sex. It’s very refreshing to watch! She also had her own fashion line with Simply Be which I have a couple of bits from, so she knows the fat girl struggle!

8 – Callie Thorpe

On top of being a Marie Claire columnist, writing her own blog, doing the odd bit of modelling and being signed to one of the world’s biggest agencies, Callie has also tried her hand at vlogging! She’s done a few videos so far so she is at the start of her journey (like me!) but the ones she has done have been brilliant to watch. I really enjoy how easy it is to feel like you’re there experiencing things with her when she vlogs!

9 –  It’s Em

So Em is an absolute superstar. I love her honesty in her vlogs and she uploads so often it’s like getting a daily present (especially during VLOGtober)! Her #StyleAtAnySize posts from a couple of years back are what got me watching her channel in the first place where her and Khila from Miss Budget Beauty put together looks that they both can wear at a plus size and a straight size – so clever!

10 – Pamper and Curves

Perelandra and her family are SOOOO cute! I love catching up with what they’ve been up to whilst looking at cool stuff like vegan recipies and cruelty free beauty. Their little dog is the cutest thing and I love the relationship that her and her daughter have in the Mumra and Baba videos – so sweet and positive!

11 – Glowpinkstah

I have followed Gloria for a while and I absolutely love watching her videos – she is such a ball of positivity and happiness and she instantly lifts my mood! Her relationship with her husband is just perfect, they are so in love and it’s so nice to see. She often features fashions from across the pond even though she lives over here in Scotland!

12 – ME! Lottie L’Amour

Okay, so this one is a bit of a cop-out, but I really do enjoy making videos and although I’ve only done two so far (lol) the response I’ve had from you lot has been brilliant. I really want to give this a go, but I’m trying not to take myself so seriously with it. I think that life is serious enough and I want this to be something I enjoy rather than a chore or something I feel I have to do to be successful. So yeah, please subscribe and like and watch and share and yeah!

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  1. October 25, 2016 / 6:08 pm

    This is awesome! I hadn’t realised Callie had a channel so have popped over and subbed! It’s nice to see more plus size vloggers….it’s just it feels like it hasn’t yet been explored as much. You know Nancy from Sugar, Darling also Vlogs although I haven’t seen a video in a while. thanks for shout out too x

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