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Back on British Soil once more – *sigh*. I had the best holiday in Santorini, and I’ve got so much to share with you!

First things first though, I’ve got my new logo to share with you! Now, if you see me around the Curvy Convention on Saturday, chances are I’ll hand out one of my brand new business cards to you, asking you to check out the blog and my social media accounts. You’ll notice this amazing caricature that my friend Sammy did for me a few years back. She’s kindly agreed that I can use it as my logo for this page and for Brand Me! She’s now an amazing tattoo artist in Vintage Inx in Basildon, Essex. You can check out her tattoo work on her Instagram¬†page!


I’ve already spammed you with some of my holiday snaps, and I’m afraid I’m going to do the same again now, but with more fashion thrown in for good measure. You’ve hopefully by now seen my number one choice in swimwear, my Forever 21 bikini – the first bikini I have ever owned. I adore it so much! I had nothing but compliments around the pool whilst I was wearing it. It’s so very comfortable to wear – and kept the puppies in check through a lot of swimming and fooling around!


Forever 21 – Now out of stock – plenty more gorgeous bikini’s here!

When I wasn’t half naked, I wore a lot of floaty, light fabrics. I admit, I had very little time to shop for summer clothes so I delved into the clothing archives to pull out what I thought would work. One of the brand new items I purchased though was this stunning Boohoo Plus dress. I had been eyeing it up for a few weeks and after seeing another blogger wearing it and looking amazing in it on Twitter (What Laura Loves – check her out!) I knew I had to have it.


Boohoo Plus – Out of Stock – More amazing dresses here!

But it’s not all long dresses of course. I wanted something that would show off my stubby yet brilliantly tanned legs! Now girls, I’ve never been a fan of my legs. Once, I was walking through a town centre and a group of girls pointed and laughed at me calling me ‘Tree Trunks’. Since then, I have had a real aversion to getting them out. Since finding other body positive babes, that fear has buggered off considerably. So here are my legs, in a gorgeous grey River Island dress I bought last year:


River Island – last year

And of course, falling in love with my legs all over again meant that I got to crack out the playsuit. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with playsuits and jumpsuits. On one hand, I just love the idea of them. I mean come on, how convenient is it to have something stylish that you can just chuck on and have a full blown outfit ready to glam up or down depending on your mood? The other hand, however, is getting one that fits me around my problem area – my belly overhang – that still looks sexy. Shapewear has helped me a lot in this area I must say – a good pair of lift and suck in pants will do wonders (I get mine from Marks and Spencer, but Maidenform also do some amazing ones.) This playsuit was a one off find in Primark, about 2 years ago. I have real trouble with Primark sizing, as I’m sure everyone that has ever shopped there will attest to! Sometimes, I can be a size 18 on a good day, other days I struggle to fit into a 20. If anyone knows of any playsuits or jumpsuits that look and fit amazingly well, please share it with me!

This playsuit, which I’m wearing here WITHOUT shapewear, is a size 20:


Primark – 2 years ago

During the day whilst on holiday, I hardly wore make up. I stuck to sun cream in at least a factor 10, slapping factor 30 on my tattoos to keep them bright. On the odd occasion that we went out for dinner or drinks in the evening, I did do a bit of glamming up. Most of the time though, it was just me, my plaited hair and my trusty sunglasses! Here’s a selfie of me avec a Kir Royale for breakfast:


As the holiday went on, and my tan began to progress, I did whack on a bit of eye make up and some lippy when going out for dinner and cocktails with my beloved. I stuck to a bright red lip which was more on the coral side of red. This is from Rimmel’s Kate Moss range:


One thing about holidays – I kept my hair in a plait pretty much the whole time, only taking it out at night. My hair did this amazing wavy thing, that you can see in the above photo. Now, if I tried to create that at home, I’d end up looking a right idiot. Why is it that hair is amazing on hols but not when back in old Blighty?!

Now before I leave you, I just want to remind you that the Curvy Convention is on Saturday 16th May at St Mary’s Bryanston Square in London – tickets are just ¬£5, and you’ll see a whole host of amazing brands, catwalk shows and the gorgeous Miss Gemma Collins will be there! If you’re going, let me know and if you see me come and say hello! You can check out what’s on HERE.

Here, have some more candid holiday photos! Are you going away this year? Feel free to have a brag!

Lottie x

IMG_0467 IMG_0465 IMG_0466 IMG_0574


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