REVIEW: I Love Curvy Convention! – Featuring Lady Voluptuous AND Lisa Riley’s new range!

Yesterday, I attended the first Curvy Convention in the heart of London. Now as a relatively new blogger, I must say my nerves were in my throat! I’ve read the blogs of some pretty amazing ladies, and meeting some of them in person was daunting to say the least! I knew I needed to wear something that was amazing, comfortable and a definite talking point and I knew exactly what to put on.

Whilst I was on holiday, my Lady Voluptuous skirt arrived. I fell in love with it the moment I opened the packet. The fabric is of such high quality, the print is bright and bold and the addition of two elasticated panels on the thick waistband was a nice surprise!

When I first put it on, I felt it was a tad too small for me. I am a size 20 in skirts, so I bought true to my size and honestly I think I could have afforded to go up a size. With the addition of some good shapewear however, the skirt fit like a glove! I felt like an absolute superstar in this piece, and I am seriously excited for payday so I can treat myself to some dresses from the range too!

Here I am on a London street just before the convention in THAT skirt!

The Curvy Convention was incredible – there were so many fashion brands there to talk to but not only that, there was fitness and health advice, some incredible artistic jewellery and of course a few celebrities to boot! What I was most excited for was the catwalk shows. Now I love fashion – I love to shop, I love the feel of fabrics and the effort that goes into making an incredible garment, but there is nothing more amazing than to see good clothing on real women. The catwalk shows featured women from a very diverse range of sizes, and it couldn’t be any more refreshing!

My wonderful girlfriend Emma escorted me to the convention, and she was just as excited as I was! As a size 14, she was excited to see some new brands and get some more fashion ideas (more than the ones I harp on about all the bloody time anyway!). Here’s our excited faces, waiting for the Simply Be catwalk show to start:

The catwalk was set out in the centre of the venue which was an old church. Having the catwalk underneath some amazing stained glass windows was lovely and gave a whole new feel to the event. There were two giant screens either side of the catwalk displaying the names of the brands you were watching:

Emma and I arrived half way through the day, so we missed a few of the catwalks beforehand. One thing to be said about the day was just how long it was – 11am to 9pm! We couldn’t do the whole day, so came around lunch time. It was refreshing to have catwalks throughout the day however – it meant that there was always something new to look at, even when you’d been around the stalls a hundred or so times!

I want to give you a run through of some of my favourite looks throughout the day. This first one is from Simply Be – I just love the colour of this dress and the sparkly waistband just adds a touch of glam to an amazing maxi dress! I can imagine wearing this on holiday to a cocktail bar and a well established tan!

This next piece is by Enjeanious by Rean – she makes amazing wearable art pieces from wire, glass and sparkles that are just phenomenal. Just look at this amazing necklace!

This is another piece by her – I can imagine wearing this incredible shoulder harness and necklace set over a plain black dress to really add the wow factor!

Now totally off topic here, but this lady was my favourite model of the day – she is so fierce! When she walked down the catwalk I literally turned to Emma and just blurted out YAAAAAAS SLAY! Her name is Chiara, but I’m not sure of her social media status – a tiny lady crush!

This next outfit is by Figure 8 and I am utterly in love with the whole look. A classic combo for me has always been peachy tones with silver metallics so when this outfit appeared on the catwalk I instantly went crazy for it. Just look at that gorgeous long Duster style sequin jacket! A perfect outfit for feeling comfortable and looking showstopping.

Look at the way it shimmers at the back – serious heart eyes over here!

The surprise of the day however was Lisa Riley coming on stage just before the Figure 8 show to announce that she is starting her own fashion range for plus size women! She’s focusing on styles that are sexy, showstopping and sparkly, giving larger women the confidence to stand out from the crowd and feel sexy. She wore an amazing pink sequin floor length gown that I was too busy lusting over to take a photo of (bad blogger!) but I did snap this one of her walking down the catwalk in a gorgeous glitter wrap dress.

I cornered Lisa after the show and had a quick chat about her new range – you could see just how excited and passionate she was about this whole new venture! She was excitedly uploading photos to Twitter just before I spoke with her but she had all the time in the world to come and have a quick snap with me by her banner. What a lovely lady, and more to the point, what an amazing range this will be!

I ran into some of my favourite bloggers whilst I was there – the incredible Curvy Wordy snapped a picture of me in my skirt to send to Georgina Horne (Fuller Figure Fuller Bust) and managed to look even more gorgeous in real life!

I sat with the beautiful Debz from Wannabe Princess (founder of the WeAreTheThey movement) and the lovely Lucia from U Can’t Wear That for a couple of catwalk shows and chatted about the Plus-Size Awards, which I managed to win a ticket to for this year! I am SOOOO EXCITED to go and be on the red carpet and be wined and dined whilst celebrating some of the ┬ámost amazing influences in our community!

It was the most amazing day and I had so much fun. I must say I was a little disappointed with Taking Shape’s stand – none of the people manning it seemed interested in talking to anyone and the gift bags they had made were relatively untouched as no one was handing them out. They also didn’t bring any clothing to purchase or see up close, which made it difficult to connect. Gemma Collins and her team were there too, however Gemma refused to have photos unless you were buying something from her – something I thought was a bit harsh, seeing as there were so many bloggers like me ready to have a chat with her! I did end up purchasing a gorgeous purple lace dress during a flash sale that she held whilst we were there – I’m excited to show you!

Let me know what you thought of the day if you were there!

Also, I just want to say hello to the lovely lady that stopped me in the toilets to tell me she recognised me and reads my blog – it was so lovely to meet you, and the comments you gave me completely made my day. Make sure you say hello again next time and let me know your name! <3 xxx

Lottie x


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