Outfit of the Day – Featuring a healthy dollop of stress…argh!

Today has just been one of those days. You know the ones that mean well but end up being a bit manic? I suppose that always happens when you’re just about to naff off on holiday. All the things you needed to do before you left that you thought were either done or could wait have just crept up on you like the sneakiest of sneaks.

At least I combatted my rubbish day by wearing one of the brightest things I own!


Say hello to my trusty friend, my bright green ASOS skater dress! This has been sat in my wardrobe a little too much for my liking. I got a bit too attached to the colour black over the Winter months and this found its way to the back of my mind. Now the weather is getting a little nicer, I noticed this sat waiting for me to love it again so of course I donned it today with my New Look sandals, Forever 21+ faux leather jacket and my black leggings.

It’s super comfy and hides all my lumps and bumps. The cotton is a soft jersey kind of material so stretches in the right places but drapes well where it hangs a bit. My only reservation is how short it felt on me. I couldn’t have gone without my leggings, that’s for sure! I love skater dresses that you can just chuck on and go with! My Forever 21+ Faux Leather Jacket is my favourite jacket of all time. It literally goes with anything and everything. I use it to roughen up an otherwise ultra feminine look most of the time, but it equally looks amazing with jeans and a slouchy top to go butch to the max.

Earlier, I also had a slight red lip to stand out against my black hair and contrast my bright green-ness, but by the time I took my close up photo, the red was all but gone and I couldn’t find my lippy to reapply:


I love how this dress nips me in at the waist. I had my light control pants on today that don’t do a grand deal in holding in all my lumps and bumps, so I was grateful for the slight shape shifter.


(also, my wabs look GIGANTIC. Sorry for the full on wab view!) So even though today was a bit of a bust, I still felt quite bright thanks to this little number. I got a few comments about how green looked good on me, so maybe this will find its way back into the workwear rota!


Would you have styled this dress any other way? What colours make you feel bright as a button?

Let me know below!

Lottie x

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