M&S Will Make Ya… JUMP! JUMP!

If you get the song reference in my post title, you get 10 cool points. If not, I am referencing Kriss Kross – Jump! – please find this song on Youtube and realise why I am the miggadiemiggadiemiggadieMACK Daddy.

If you follow me on social media, you would have seen my outpouring of emotion for a jumpsuit I found on the Marks and Spencer holiday edit. It ticked all of my current fashion boxes – botanical, YES. Jumpsuit, YES. On sale, BIG OLD YES. There was one problem however – I couldn’t afford it. One of the downsides about being a fashion blogger when you are just starting out is the sheer amount of your pay cheque that goes towards clothing. Thanks to a splurge at Simply Be earlier on in the month, I was clean out of cash. My fantastic Mum saw how in love I was with this jumpsuit and lent me the money til payday so I could adorn myself with THIS beauty:


Marks and Spencer – £35.00 (up to size 22)

The first thing I noticed about this jumpsuit was the fact that it has a concealed zip down the back at the middle. WHY M&S, WHY?! It’s difficult getting in and out of Jumpsuits at the best of times (I like to think I’ve perfected the awkward top down wiggle now) but throw a centralised back zip into the mix and you’re expecting women to have arms like an octopus. Needless to say, getting this jumpsuit on and off without the help of another person is a treat. And by ‘a treat’ I mean a full length work out. Add to that the helpful hook and eye fastening at the very top (not pictured) and you’ve got yourself a sure fire way to stop yourself from going to the toilet without the company of someone to unzip/unhook you.

IMG_0065Once I had done the awkward wiggle to get this on, dislocated my shoulders and zipped myself up, I actually loved the fit. The legs were just the right size for my 5’7” frame. I sized up to a 22 in this and it was the right decision to make. I think if I had gone for my normal size 20, the crotch area might have made its way up into my body. The other thing I loved about this was the print. Here’s a close up:


It’s so summery and bright – the pink and greens against the dark background are perfect and made me feel nice and bright without feeling too garish. I just love the tropical print and it falls right into my perfect print category.

As you can see, I put my (I mean Emma’s) trusty yellow belt with this, just to break up the print a little. I had my white flip flops on too that I got from Simply Be.

IMG_0030 IMG_0048 IMG_0018 IMG_0027

I love that this jumpsuit has pockets too – they are teeny tiny pockets, but still nice for you to rest your hands in when you’re walking around or if you don’t know what to do with your hands – I have that issue a lot. I like to talk with my hands and sometimes I’m really aware of that so I try and hide them away!

This wouldn’t be a jumpsuit review if I didn’t do the Jumping in a Jumpsuit test – here you go!


Emma and I had some real issues taking these photos because the sun was quite low and really bright at times. In most of the pictures, my eyes had disappeared because I was squinting/smiling. Chubby cheeks and tiny eyes do not make for a good picture! Emma told me to keep my eyes open as wide as I could in one picture – so I thought I would share this with you seeing as I look like I might murder a person whilst they slept. If ever I go missing, please use this photo as my missing persons photo. It’s the most alike of me ever –


And on that note…

What do you think of this jumpsuit? Would the back zip put you off buying it? Let me know! <3

Lottie xx


  1. June 8, 2015 / 1:14 pm

    I really like it! Looks great on you aswell. I know what you mean about finding jumpsuit/playsuits difficult to get on because of the awkward place of the zips x

    • June 8, 2015 / 1:20 pm

      Thank you beautiful! Most jumpsuits are okay, it’s just this one seems to have a giant annoyance! Xx

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