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I recently got approached by a brand and asked to do a giveaway and brand awareness post in exchange for money. This brand wasn’t one I had ever heard of, so I had a quick look into their products. Some were for plus-sizes but it was predominantly a “straight” brand. Now, I’m an honest person. I would never blog about something that I had not experienced, and I had not experienced this brand before, so I politely said that I would appreciate an item to review then if I thought my readers would appreciate it, or if I liked it enough, I would write a review.

Apparently it wasn’t in the brands budget to gift me an item, but they would still like me to write a full piece for them in exchange for $10. Needless to say I declined.

It got me thinking about blogging in general and I realised that it would just be so easy to be in this for the free shit but that’s just not me. I’ve made myself some promises that I’m now going to share with you – hopefully you’ll agree and keep on this journey with me!

1 – I promise to never blog about something just to get cash/free goods.

Junarose Trousers – worn for the first time today!

I’m a very honest person. I blog about things that I have experienced and that I am passionate about, either negatively or positively. I have to be passionate about something in order to write about it. I’m also completely in love with writing. I write to feel good, to engage with people I would never have met otherwise, to empty my head of all the rambling trapped inside. My net gain out of this is not my concern. I write because I love to write, not because I want free shit.

2 – I promise to always be honest


Things aren’t always rosy. I might try an outfit on and hate it – I’ll tell you all about it. I might have an interaction that I think is relevant to my blog and I’ll tell you the nitty gritty. If I’m feeling low and my self confidence has taken a plummet, I’ll tell you how I feel. I won’t pretend to be someone who is completely at ease with who they are because I’m not. I’ve never met a person who is. I have insecurities and down days where nothing fits right, I look in the mirror and see a sack of spuds. And that’s alright, because that’s part of my journey. I also think I have a cracking set of boobs. See? Swings and roundabouts.

3 – I promise to engage with you all

Me and my gorgeous friends (Goodnight Laz, we miss you!)

I’m not the kind of person who likes to hide behind a screen, in fact, I’m the opposite! I want to meet you, cuddle you and tell you how amazing it is to meet you (yes, you!). I want to hear about your stories and your struggles, your triumphs and your troubles – and I want fashion tips too goddamn it! If ever you see me in the street/on the tube/at an event, come and say hello to me! Meeting people I’ve met online through this journey has been a real high point. Sometimes I’m a bit socially awkward and I might see you but not come over – please be braver than me and say hello because I’ll actually really want to!

4 – I promise to stay relevant.


I’m a plus size fashion, beauty and body positivity blog. Aside from the odd personal blog post (this one included) I promise to write about these subjects as often as possible. I write passionately (see point 1) so it makes sense to continue to write about the three things, other than my girlfriend and family, that I am most passionate about. I won’t bombard you with reviews of slimming tea drinks, coconut oil teeth whitening or low calorie food – that’s not my thing. Instead I will throw you some fat girl realness and fatshion shade like you wouldn’t believe.

5 – I promise to help you as much as I can.


When you start writing a blog, you have no idea who might start reading it. Maybe a few people, maybe 100, maybe 10,000 – you just don’t know who might delve into your archive of ramblings. This is my promise to you, whoever and wherever you may be, that I will compliment you whenever I can. I will make sure you feel the very best you can feel. This is not a place for body snark, negativity, name calling or bullying. I want to raise the spirits and strength of plus size women everywhere through the power of the written word! Is it a big task? Yes. But you’re all super worth it!

So what about my fellow bloggy babes? Have you made yourself any promises whilst blogging?

Lottie xxx


  1. Sinead (@_PreciousPlus)
    June 14, 2015 / 7:16 pm

    This is fab!
    its everything I needed right now!
    I’ve been feeling like I’m not cut out for this blogging business, despite how much i love to talk and how much i love fashion and how much i love being a plus size babe.
    I don’t feel like I have any reader, so I’ve been questioning if there is any point in continuing to blog.
    But reading this has made think.. its not for any sort of social gain. Its to help me on my journey, and maybe along the way, even if just one person reads my blog, it may change the way they think about things 🙂
    So my promise is to write. Write whats in my heart and write whats in my head.
    Thank you wonderful lady xxxx

    • June 14, 2015 / 7:24 pm

      This is such a lovely thing to say! Thank you beautiful, I’m glad I gave you a little spark! Sometimes we get blinded by the numbers and figures but it’s all about remembering why we do what we do – it’s because we have passion, and passion is all we need. I’ve been reading your blog and it’s amazing, you should definitely keep it up! ? xxx

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