Five Ways to Fall in Love with Yourself

Five Ways to Fall in Love with Yourself

Since starting my journey to being body positive, so many people have asked me how I am so comfortable with who I am, or how they can get as confident as I am. Truth is girls, I’m not.

Just like pretty much all of you, I have days where I look in the mirror and I don’t like what I see. I recently went out to protest about the closure of The Black Cap (you can sign the petition and read all about why it is so important HERE) and a photographer took my photo. I hated it.

Those days are pretty rough, which I’m sure you’ll agree with. On days like that, I usually turn to my significant other and I tell her that I’m feeling low and she’ll look at me and tell me that I’m beautiful. Of course, it’s the best thing to hear but to really feel it, you have to start from within.

So I’m writing this post to give you a bit of an insight into how life has been for me, and how I’ve got to the point where I am today – writing this blog and hoping to empower women OF ANY SIZE to feel good about themselves.

1 – Surround yourself with positivity

I’ve met some pretty amazing people in my life. I’ve also met some pretty shitty ones.

At one point, I was spending too much time with people who would either shoot me down, pour negativity down my neck or who would just outright ignore me. Spending time with those Energy Hoovers can do nothing but pull you down. The best lesson I have ever learnt is to replace people in your life who have nothing but criticism for you with people who will lift you up and help you to grow.

The process of breaking ties with Energy Hoovers can be difficult – after all, they have attached themselves to you to such the sparkle from you! Like a grubby plaster, ripping them off will be a short, sharp shock that will hurt. But I promise you, the lifetime of happiness you will get after that initial burn is so, SO worth it.

Fill your life with laughter, dancing, love and light and soon it’ll shine out of every single pore on your body. And on the days you look in the mirror and feel betrayed by what you see, they will remind you just how awesome you are.

2 – Do something each day that makes you remember how amazing you are

Are you a good cook? Make yourself something yummy. Handy with a paintbrush? Paint yourself a masterpiece. Like to dance around in your pants with no make up on and crazy ass hair? Me too – doesn’t everyone?!

Don’t forget the things that make you who you are. Doing something you love to do will make you smile like a loon on loon tablets, I guarantee it.

And to make it even clearer, if the thing you love to do is to sleep, lay in bed all day watching Netflix and devouring a pizza – DO IT. Take the time, invest in yourself and remember that you are not defined by someone else’s view of you.

3 – Follow Positive Blogs!

One of the best steps I ever took was following the blogs of women who were like me. People who had my struggles, who knew what it was like to be a big girl in a small girls world, and who were strong enough to share it.

It was through these women that I found inspiration, and it was these women who reminded me that it was absolutely fine to be who I am. If you’re into plus-size fashion, body positivity and really funny, intelligent women, I highly recommend you follow the following people:

4 – Do something scary

No, I don’t mean chucking on a hockey mask and donning a chainsaw, I mean doing something that you would never have done before.

Recently I posted a picture of me in my bikini to Facebook. Now if you’re like me, posting a photo to Facebook can be a daunting task at the best of times because you’re sharing something with all the people you know. You might see some of them every day. And I posted a picture of all my wobbly bits that they could see.

Yikes! But the outpouring of love and support from those closest to me made me feel amazing. And that’s why I’m here writing this blog.

Doing something nerve wracking can lead to something amazing which in turn will make you feel like superwoman.

  5 – Tell yourself you are worthy

One of the things I have done every day for as long as I can remember, is look myself straight in the eye and tell myself I am beautiful.

The first time you do it, you’ll feel a little bit stupid. Talking to yourself in the mirror is not something that people do often so it can feel a bit weird, but the affect it has is amazing.

Start off by looking yourself in the eye and say out loud “I Am Beautiful”. Now say it again. A little bit louder and SMILE. Smile a smile that could sink a thousand ships. Focus on that smile, the twinkle in your eye and remember how that looks. Remember how that smile feels. You can feel like that every single day.

Keep doing this until you get a point where you can just look in the mirror, smile and say it in your head. Do this just before you walk out of the door and you’ll walk with a spring in your step and your head held high. And then this is where the magic comes in…

Your positivity will radiate out of you like giant sunbeams. People will smile at you when you pass them. Servers will make small talk with you. People will ask you if you had a good night last night (if you know what I mean). And slowly but surely, your little internal whispers will leak out into the atmosphere and other people will feel it too. On the days you look at yourself and you really don’t feel beautiful, the people who felt it before will make sure you are okay and you’ll remember that you really and truly are. YOU. ARE. BEAUTIFUL.

Now tell me girls, is there anything you do to make you feel good every day? Let me know by sending a comment below! Don’t forget you can find me on instagram @lottielamour and Facebook (Lottie L’Amour – Plus Size Blogger)

Lottie x

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