FIVE MOST WANTED – The Payday Edit featuring Simply Be, Lady Voluptuous ASOS Curve and Boohoo

I woke up this morning with the world’s largest headache. The kind that absolutely pounds behind your eyes and makes you feel all wibbly about the brain area – you know the one I mean.

Whenever I feel a bit rubbish, I crave comfort. A cosy jumper, some tea and a cuddle and I knew I’d be fixed but alas, it is Monday and I needed to get my bum up and go to work. Now I am usually the kind of girl that plans her outfits the day before but thanks to an incredibly hungover girlfriend (it was her early birthday celebrations!) I spent most of the day either working, blogging or sleeping so wardrobe planning wasn’t high on my list of priorities.

I have a go-to outfit when I’m feeling a bit crappy – it consists of the largest black top I own and a pair of black leggings with some ankle boots. Chuck on a blazer and some statement jewellery and Bob’s your uncle. Today I wore my favourite blazer – my New Look Inspire floral crepe blazer. It made me feel a little bit better, but I still think I look a bit like death.

Now I know most ladies go through that dread when you look at your mountain of clothes (or floordrobe, if you’re me) and you just go “SOMEONE SEND HELP AND THE ENTIRE RANGE OF SIMPLY BE CLOTHING” but sometimes it feels like it’s more often than not. So, with payday on the horizon, I’m planning a revamp of my wardrobe to get out of the ‘default outfit’ habit. Here are my FIVE MOST WANTED for that all hallowed day of pay!

1 – THE JUMP SUIT – Simply Be £35

i02cl860500aSo you’ve seen me write about this before. I have been completely lusting after this outfit for a while now and after speaking to some of you amazing lot about just how wearable this piece is, I HAVE to have it. The print is just so me, and I love the casual leg with the dressy straps on this piece. I can imagine wearing it for work paired with some strappy sandals (keep reading to see the ones I want!) and a plain blazer, and I can definitely imagine it on a night out with big bling and tribal elements. I am actually so excited!



After all of the generous and lovely comments I got wearing the lip print skirt from this range, I just knew my next purchase would have to be one of the dresses. This hummingbird and floral print dress is exactly what will bring me from Spring into Summer! I’d wear it barelegged with peep toe shoes and victory rolls. In fact, I’d wear this all year round – some opaque tights and ankle boots would take this right into Autumn without any worries!


image1xxl (2)

I’ve become obsessed with printed jogger style trousers. When I saw these on the ASOS Curve site, I actually did a little cry of lust. The little ditzy daisy print is just adorable and the black waistband with gathered ankles turn the print into a bit more masculine piece. This is perfect summer officewear!


image1xxl (3)

I want a shoe with a wide fit, a platform heel and an ankle strap – BINGO. These shoes seem comfortable and dressy which is what I need to go with those trousers and that jumpsuit from earlier in the post! These will effortlessly take me from office to party, and with a long summer ahead of us with plenty of pub gardens and Pimms! If only they did them in white, but I did pick some white heels earlier in the year (read my previous posts!) which also might sneak into my bag.



I know I’ve said I don’t get the whole 70’s thing, and this paisley print is just on the border of what I would deem as acceptable 70’s wear but I just love the orange and the clash of colours on this! I want to wear this with a plain top and striped mini for some print clashing goodness. Perfect festival season attire if you ask me!

So there’s my top 5 – what do you think? Anything you’re lusting after too? Drop me a line and let me know what’s making you drool!

Lottie xx


    • May 18, 2015 / 9:36 pm

      You must get one! I am in love with the whole range – so fabulous!

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