Behind Every Great Woman…is Another One!

It’s hard to get through life without the help of others.

Whether it’s your parents helping you to grow, your best friend teaching you to laugh at everything or your lover showing you why your heart beats – we all at some point have relied on the help of someone close to you.

In my late 20’s I’ve found I have less and less of those reliable kinds of people around me. Whether that’s because circumstances have taken me away from them, or whether it’s because the support they gave is no longer what I need, I’ve found myself with only a handful of people I can rely on.

But each one of those people are absolute gems. They are the ones who lift me up when I couldn’t lift myself, and the ones that continue to push me to be a better person and I love them all individually. Moving to London from my home town of Nottingham means I don’t get to see my best ones so often – and it means in my new home town, I don’t really have anyone I know well enough (other than my amazing housemates!) that I can call a true honest friend.

Going from having a large circle of friends to those small few has been difficult for me. I’m cursed with the notion that I would like to be everyone’s friend. And when friendships don’t work out, I take it to heart.

Delving into the plus-size community has helped me with the feeling of losing friends. Since I became more active on social media, I’ve stumbled across some of the most positive, empowering, beautiful individuals I’ve ever “met”. The way the plus-size community has grown over the past year has been phenomenal.

Not only are more shops stocking fashionable, trendy clothing lines (thank god there are less butterfly print tent tops around!), but the media and television are picking up on the power of our positive community.

Most recently, the programme Plus Sized Wars shed light on to some of the leading crusaders in the UK plus-size community. Although some scenes were manipulated to manufacture some ill feeling within the blogosphere (which is ridiculous, because these girls love each other!), the overwhelming sense of love and strength was incredible. These women showed the world something us plus-size babes have known deep inside for ages – WE ARE WORTHY.

Of course with positivity comes negativity and comments were made by journalists and Z-List celebs worrying about the health of the girls who don’t fit into the high-street norm. Now unless Jamelia, whilst crooning about being a “superstar”, also took a degree in medical care and read the medical records of anyone who fits into a size 20 or above (and indeed a size 6 and below!) and found that the cure to all of our fatness is to take away our right to shop for fashionable clothes without prejudice – I think we’re quite safe to agree that some of this “advice” is irrelevant.

But borne of this idiocy, came the hashtag #WeAreTheThey (read about where it started on Wannabe Princess’s blog!) where women empowered by other women came together and shared their selfies to put a face to this “they” that is so victimised for the way they look. And yet again, the plus-size community proved that WE ARE WORTHY. Without this community, this movement, we would be stuck in our homes, hiding our bodies under shapeless garments and shaming ourselves from having a life.

We are supporting each other, lifting each other up and past the people that doubt us and we are telling them to go and #efftheirbeautystandards. Look at how amazing it can be when we all work together and influence each other positively!

So yes, I firmly believe behind every powerful woman is another one, cheering her on and lifting her up. Wouldn’t the world be so much better if we all supported each other?

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