The One Resolution You Should Make and KEEP This Year

The One Resolution You Should Make and KEEP This Year

Ah January resolution. The month after all the fun stuff. We spent the whole of November to December listening to adverts about mega gooey cheese, buying 27483937 more presents than you need to buy and frozen party foods. We ate mega dinners, sat in our PJs and drank alcohol and snacked on everything in sight. (Or was that just me?)


Now, the very same media that told us we could defo eat 25 duck vol au vents washed down with two bottles of Baileys whilst watching The Holiday and Love Actually one after the other is now hell bent on telling us all about the joys of low calorie frying sprays, meal replacement drinks, discount gym memberships and saving money. Of course, media, of course you’re doing that. You’re supposed to be aspirational, right? Well STOP MOVING THE GOALPOSTS!!! Anyway… back to my point.


Every year I see people pledging to get fitter, get slimmer, save cash…and 9 out of 10 times those pledges end in failure after the first month and who do we blame? Ourselves, of course. That blame leads to a slump in our mood which leads to doing things that comfort us which leads to…well, you get the picture. It’s time that we took some power back and we gave ourselves a break by focusing on something that is very achievable and will change our lives for the better.


This year, my one and only resolution is: 



It is so easy to get dragged into the shame trap at this time of year – you do not need to slim down because Sandra at work has started a 24 day juice cleanse and is talking to you about the joys of placebo pills, you do not need to save cash because Barbara is saving all her £2 coins in order to go on a Himalayan trek. Just because the world is telling you that thin is in, you don’t have to bow down to that.


Make your own choices in your own time, trust your own process and cut yourself some slack for god’s sake – stress kills more people than eating a kilogram of chocolate every now and then, y’know? It’s so easy to fall into the trap of attempting to march to the beat of everyone else’s drum when you could be your own percussion section in the symphony of your life.


By all means, if there’s things you want to change, then smash it up babes, go for it – but don’t wait for a socially acceptable time to do it, just DO IT. Personally, my goals this year are to get better at photography, write more articles and grow my social media – and that’s it. If I decide to join a gym, that’s cool – but I won’t put any pressure on me to go 230 times a week or run for 6 miles a day. If I decide to save some money, I’ll do that – but I won’t cry when I have to spend the cash on an unexpected bill (or new dress, whatever). Plans should be aspirational and attainable; if they are neither, you will just find yourself getting frustrated when they inevitably don’t work out.


So here’s to being ourselves in 2017 and just doing whatever the fuck we want to do, because, well, life’s too short to not!


  1. January 5, 2017 / 7:31 pm

    Such an inspirational post! Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

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