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  1. Alice says

    I LOVE THIS. I was so worried about sitting on my partner’s face; which was silly!!
    I still worry about cowgirl position, as a fat woman with a tubby partner, it can be difficult!

  2. Jessica says

    If you could just come stand in the corner and cheer me on when getting jiggy…. the whole ‘on top’ thing scares me as he gets to see all of me in possibly not the most flattering of lights, this big chunky tummy, huge titted bird on him! Plus the whole face thing. Love the idea, freaking out I’m gonna kill him.
    On the end I just end up looking frigid and buttoned up.
    Hence very single and likely to dead alone without cats as landlord won’t allow them! 🙂

    • Suzi says

      There’s no need to worry about your size with a partner. If you’re uncomfortable with them, then perhaps they’re not the one for you? I love my partner and he loves me; my size is irrelevant! Go out there and show the world you. The unforgiving you!!

  3. Vali says

    Love this! I’m now a size 22 from a size 26.. but I’ve always been sexually confident no matter what my size and the men (and ladies) in my life have always loved it.. and I have an incredible sex life… don’t be shy curvy girls… get out there and get your rocks off! X

  4. crazycurvycatlady says

    So much love for this ? as a bisexual plus size woman it was great to have all of my anxieties dealt with in one post! Certainly since putting on more weight recently my confidence has taken a nose dive – you have inspired me though to put my fears to one side and dive right in!! ?

  5. candylady16 says

    I wish I had this when I was younger. I’ve always been a bigger girl and never had the confidence to put myself out there for fear of rejection, but I loved reading this. Thank you.

  6. Debtiller says

    Lottie you look absobloodylutely gorgeous. You are an inspiration . I don’t think size matters at all you look the bees knees. I’ve become bigger as I’ve gotten older and find it really hard as a middle aged woman but it’s more to do with the ageing process the body goes through rather than the size. You know when everything goes south and you can’t see the wrinkles for the wrinkles.

  7. lovelyjen69 says

    Amen to this!! For a very VERY long time I’ve had issues with the way I look, feel and perform being a plus size girl! Your blog post has just thrown all my doubts and worries out of the window!! Thank you beautiful for your wonderful words of advice! Respect from one Notts girl to another! XOXO

  8. patticakesplus says

    I. Bloody. Love. You. And you know this. But still, it needs to be said, that you are a sexy, confident, inspiring and intelligent lady who continues to advise and support our community in the best ways. xxxxxxxxx

  9. oxf53 says

    This is an amazing post. You are inspirational <3
    I am size 24 ish, and a virgin (32yo, ugh) – a lot of that to do with being scared to put myself out there. It feels so huge (ha!) to expect anyone to be attracted to me. Online dating is terrifying, to be real.
    Maybe I just need to stop being scared and go for it….oof.

  10. Sarah @ Raiin Monkey says

    This is a fantastic post! I am a lot more sexually confident now than I was when I was younger, but I admit that I feel very conscious about being on top. Posts like yours really help me with my confidence so thankyou for sharing this x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey

    • Lottie L'Amour says

      This is a struggle and a half! I drop down onto my forearms and put a couple of pillows under my knees to help angle my bum upwards, or you could switch it up and just bend over onto the bed whilst they stand behind you! Get them to put cuffs on you and hold your arms behind you – a bit of fun! xx

  11. Ron says

    My Wife and I are having some issues with cunnilingus. She has knee issues that makes it difficult for her to put her legs up and if she doesn’t, she has to lift her belly (Or I will) and it makes for a less pleasurable time for her. I hate the thought of my awesome Woman not being able to get face anymore! I don’t wanna give up on eating her out and I feel kinda rotten when she goes down on me knowing that I can’t reciprocate. I’ve told her that she can ride my face but she worries that she will hurt me with her size. Do you know of any other positions or mdifications we can do? Thanks for any help you can give!


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