How to Shop for Dresses with Ease*

How to Shop for Dresses with Ease*

You might have seen me chat about facing our body demons and finding happiness with who we currently are. Although we might struggle to love our figures one day and flaunt it to the hills the next, finding the best outfit often really helps us to feel on top of our game.

You should know by now that nothing quite boosts my ego like a gorgeous, form fitting dress. But sometimes as a plus size woman, it can be super hard to visualise how a dress will look on your body and you all of a sudden find yourself trying on dresses in the changing room that don’t do you any favours for your body confidence.

But don’t worry girls, I’ve got a brilliantly simple formula to help you along your way to choosing that perfect dress!

  • Invest in good underwear
    They say pants maketh the woman (do they?) so I find it really important to get the right base for your outfit. The wrong bra and underwear can determine your level of comfort in a tight cocktail number – you might want to suck it all in or let it all out, whatever lets you live your best life! I find that if I wear basic, seamless underwear with the right amount of support for me when out dress shopping, I have a much more pleasant experience. It can make all the difference when it comes to your overall opinion of the outfit you’re trying on.
  • Get to know your body type
    Every fashion publication has their own style guide for different shapes, often lumping plus-size women into one category and focusing on hiding our bodies rather than highlighting them. Well, screw that! Much like our straight size counterparts, us babely girls come in various shapes, with hourglass, pear, apple, and rectangle being among the most common terms being used by the industry. If you struggle with finding clothes that make you feel amazing, knowing your body type will help you tremendously in the shops.
  • Learn how to accessorise
    I am a fiend for a good bit of sparkle. Seriously, never underestimate the power of accessorising. While some fashion editors will advise you that bold prints are for weekends and body-cons are suited for the evening, plenty of dresses can be styled from day to night; it’s just a matter of what jewellery, purses and shoes you pair them with. Your accessories are what finish the outfit. Your newest frock might be absolutely stunning, but those finishing touches will really be the cherry on a well styled cake!

If you’re a stranger to accessorising, here’s some general tips to keep in mind. For example with jewellery, don’t shy away from statement pieces, as smaller items may end up getting lost in your ensemble and if you’ve made the effort to accessorise, you need to show it off, right? A good bag can really set off an outfit and if you’re after an hourglass figure, a belt can give you that nip in you crave. And lastly for shoes, I’m a fan of flats, but if you can rock a heel, you should rock a heel! Can anyone say “Hello legs!”?

What are your top tips to finding the best outfit? I’d love to know!

***This is an affiliate post. As always, and forever more, the opinions in this article are my own!***


  1. afashionholicslife
    June 21, 2016 / 10:59 am

    Excellent post! Really informative! I agree! accessorizing is really important and we should also know about about our body type and what fits us well! 🙂

  2. July 3, 2016 / 3:55 am

    Nice tips. I was recently made a bridesmaid 10 minutes before the scheduled dressfitting and totally forgot about wearing what I’d be wearing with it! Idk if this fits with

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