B**ch Don't Kill My Pride – A Body Appreciation Post

B**ch Don't Kill My Pride – A Body Appreciation Post

Life’s too short not to glitter in the sunlight, blinding your haters just by being alive and being RADIANT right? That’s what I thought! Whenever I am feeling a bit hard done by the karma llama, I always stick on something that is bright, sparkly and eye catching because there’s nothing better than feeling great in what you wear. There’s also nothing more infuriating to people that dislike you than you being unapologetically brilliant.

I’m basically a magpie – if it sparkles, I want it. So when I saw this kimono at ASOS Curve, I just KNEW I had to have it. Unfortunately, it is now out of stock┬áso I can’t give you a link on where to buy it from – but I really really wanted to show you that fat girls can shine bright like a big old sparkly diamond, and what better to do that with than the brightest, most sparkly thing I own?!

This post isn’t a “oh wow why don’t you buy this incredible outfit” kind of post – it’s more of an appreciation post. This kimono is a symbol of my undying need to stand out from the crowd. I want to live unapologetically and I want to celebrate the things I am. I am gay, I am bright, I am sparkly and I am me. I refuse to blend into the crowd – I spent too much of my life trying to do what other people wanted me to do and now I refuse to live in the background.

I’m also wanting this post to be a celebration of YOU. I want you to learn to love the body you have – fall in love with the quirks and the soft parts. Fall in love with the bits that make you different from everyone else. Your body allows you to do amazing, incredible things that should be celebrated and it would be a shame if you spent your life overlooking that. I have an intense love for my bum – its big at the top, small at the bottom, not pert and has a weird violin like shape to it – but I adore it. It’s comfy, it jiggles, it makes a nice sound when you slap it (ooeer) but it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and that’s okay because it’s my whole damn kettle!

So here’s a couple of pics of my fantastic bum – I want you to focus on a part of your body that you usually wouldn’t and I want you to tell yourself how incredible it is and remind yourself of all the amazing things it allows you to do. And little by little, piece by piece, you’ll learn to love it after all!


  1. mrsteepot
    September 11, 2016 / 2:54 pm

    Bloody Nora! Look at you! Killin’ it dead in that kimono (which I need in my life immediately!)
    Your bum is truly incredible, as is the rest of you.
    I am learning to love and accept my body as it is, even while trying to get it healthier. I believe in that quote that it’s OK to be awesome but also a work in progress.

  2. September 12, 2016 / 12:00 pm

    oh my gosh I adore your description of your bum – violin shaped!!! <3 you inspirational, beautiful magpie! xxxx

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