#MyBodyMyBFF – Body Love with Curvy Kate


When it comes to body love, I like to think I have a lot of it. Me and my body have been through a lot – I have hated it, I have been angry with it, I have adored it, I have been sad about it – it’s been a rough old journey for body and me. Falling in love with my body wasn’t easy but it was so worth the effort and it all started with making a decision to be kinder to my body.



I recognised that I would tell my friends when they looked good; I would coo over their frame, the way their body moved and the shapes they made, how smooth their skin was, how clothes fit their bodies. Then I would go home, look at myself in the mirror and pick myself apart – why didn’t my clothes fit like hers? Why isn’t my skin smooth? Why do my thighs kiss at the top and hers part? The love I was giving out to other people, I was completely forgetting to give to myself.

So I made a decision – I decided to be kinder to my body. I decided that I was worthy of the love I gave out to others. My body is more than just the skin I am in, it is more than fat, more than silvery stretch marks and soft, dimpled thighs. My body is the love I give, it is the walk down the road to the park, it’s the hug I give to a friend in need – my body is my life, my love and my soul and everything in between.



You know by now my love for Curvy Kate knows no bounds. The brand just gets it – it’s body positive through and through ethos is like no other and they always have the best campaigns. This time around Curvy Kate are asking you to get involved with their latest campaign by making that same decision – it’s time to make your body your new best friend! #MyBodyMyBFF is a pledge to give yourself the love that you give out to others and become kinder to your body. You deserve to be best friends with the person you spend the most time around – YOU! 




Jetty Flamingo High Waist Brief
Jetty Flamingo Padded Balcony Bikini Top
Glamorous Bag

***I was gifted these items for review, but all the words are completely my own!***


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Plus-size, body positive, feminist, lesbian - ME. Lives in London, has a Nottingham heart.

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