How To Wear Statement Metallics – Elvi Clothing Metallic Mac


This season you might have seen a hell of a lot of metallics around. I’ve already filled my wardrobe with gold trainers, silver dresses and bronze t-shirts, and I love wearing them with all my outfits just to give it an extra bit of sparkle. But what about when you want to make a statement with your outfit? We all want to stand out from the crowd (for all the good reasons) and what better way to do it than to grab hold of a staple A/W look and make them all GAG on your eleganza? (Sorry, I’ve been watching a lot of Rupaul’s Drag Race recently and tbh I’m a little obsessed)

When Elvi reached out to me and asked me to pick a couple of pieces from this season’s first drop, I knew immediately that I had to have this mac. I’m not usually a coat girl, but come on – JUST LOOK AT IT!



Elvi Metallic Mac – £149.00

Okay yes, it’s pricey but oh my goodness, it is so worth it. The soft material of this investment piece makes you think you are wearing the most luxurious mac you will ever own. The heavy lining and quality construction of this coat is well well well worth the price tag. I can see this mac lasting for years of fashionable heavy use. It is true to size and very comfortable to wear. I’m wearing a 22 here, and it looks and feels fantastic.

This mac doesn’t do up, the buttons are for decoration, but it does come with a gorgeous belt in the same fabric (I’ve tied it up behind me for these photos). The belt is a standard hook and hole style with a buckle, but that doesn’t mean you can’t casually tie it in a knot in front of you.



I wore this with a plain black t-shirt and black jeans because I wanted the mac to be the main focus. It’s not overly shiny which means you really need to mute things down around it. If you want to make your metallics the statement piece of your outfit, pairing it with muted casuals is really the way forward.

I love the detailing on this mac, the buttons are big and shiny (who doesn’t love a shiny button?) and the structure of the mac is classic to what a mac should be. Like I said before, this really is a luxury investment piece and I really will be wearing this for years to come!



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2 thoughts on “How To Wear Statement Metallics – Elvi Clothing Metallic Mac

  1. You are such a magpie! I can’t tell if it’s meant to be leather-look? That’s how it seems in the photos… either way. TOTAL. BABE. And I approve of the use of RuPaul quotes. xxx


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