Wishlist Wednesday – ASOS Curve


I’m trying to curb my spending. I spend too much of my hard earned cash on pretty things to wear and quite frankly I think my lovely girlfriend will do away with me if I keep filling my house with clothes! So to help me on my quest, I am going to live vicariously through you lovely reader. I have several lists of clothes that I have been coveting from afar and each week for the next month, I’ll share with you 5 pieces of clothing hot off my wishlist for each of these brands so you can pick and choose what you’d like to buy! Simple, right?

So without further ado, my first weekly pick is my ASOS Curve wishlist:


ASOS CURVE Shift Dress With Mesh Inserts – £30.00

Okay so this gorgeous mesh insert dress will sort out all of my “I spent an extra 30 mins in bed and I CBA but still want to look cute” days! I love a no-nonsense, high fashion item like this. So easy to dress up with some SERIOUS big bling accessories and metallic flatforms, but just as easy to rock with a bomber jacket, a top knot and some trainers. A big old tick in my book!


ASOS Curve Embellished Stripe Kimono – £70.00

If you follow me on Twitter, you would have seen me harping on about this for WEEKS now. When I first saw this, I just *had* to have it and to be honest, I might push the budget out for this item. It is SO me. Bright, sparkly and easy to chuck over pretty much anything in my wardrobe because lets face it, all outfits go well with sparkle, right?! Yeah, that’s what I thought too…


ASOS CURVE Tea Dress with Button Through £38.00

I’ve made a conscious decision to add more white to my wardrobe. Fat girls are always told to never wear white so it feels like the ultimate act of rebellion for me. This ultra girly floaty number is the right mix between casual and dressy for me. I’d wear this with fine silver details and a giant sparkly clutch bag to take me from desk to dinner on a hot summers evening!


ASOS CURVE Wiggle Dress In Water Colour Floral Print – £48.00

It’s wedding season! I have two to go to this year and I’ve already found my dress for one of them and this one might take the biscuit for the other one! I love the wiggle dresses from ASOS Curve but I must be honest, I’m yet to find one that fits me the way I want it to. My pal Bethany from Arched Eyebrow says that they come in all different fabrics and one might work better than the other so I might give this one a go. I just love the flashes of bright against the penmanship of the monochrome print!


ASOS CURVE Skater Dress with Floral Border Embroidery – £45.00

This white crepe-material dress with the cute multicolored embroidery is SO on point for me this summer. I am all in love with the folky designs and ultra femme cut on this dress! I can imagine wearing it on a summer day at a BBQ or a walk along the beach on holiday. A must have for a hot climate and so easy to style with some gladiator flats and beachy waves.

So what do you think girls? Will you be splurging on any of these bad boys?


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17 thoughts on “Wishlist Wednesday – ASOS Curve

  1. Oh my! i love everything, especially the skater dress at the bottom of this post! So pretty. I also love the curve shift dress! Great choices 😀


  2. I love the embellished, ivory dress. I love cute details like that and ivory is sooo flattering. It looks perfect for the summertime.


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