Wear Bright, Feel Bright


Sorry for my casual silence just recently – life has really gotten in the way of blogging. If you follow me on social media you’ll know I’ve been moaning like a banshee about being poorly and on top of all that I’ve had to find a new house and move (if you want to torture your enemies, wait until they are ill and make them do packing).

With all of that EVERLOVING SHIT happening in my life, it wasn’t just the old bloggeroo that got pushed aside – I also pushed aside my sparkle. Spending 7 whole days indoors with no make up on can do a whole lot of dulling.

When it came to my first day back at work, I reached for an all black outfit. BLACK LIKE MY SOUL. I felt tired and frumpy and my fashion focus just went into auto pilot – oh no no no fashion brain! I just had to get out of that funk.

Luckily whilst I was off, the ASOS fairy had visited me and bestowed upon me a dress of many colours. Just looking at it made me feel 99% more positive – imagine what happened when I put it on! Here’s the result of one happy dress wearing girl who GOT HER BRIGHT BACK:


ASOS Curve Winter Geo Print Dress £32

***pssst, insider tip time – ASOS are about to go live with a HUGE mid-season sale from 4th April! You can check it out from 9am, 4th April by clicking HERE***


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Plus-size, body positive, feminist, lesbian - ME. Lives in London, has a Nottingham heart.

5 thoughts on “Wear Bright, Feel Bright

  1. I love this dress! The cut & length are so flattering and the pattern is beautiful. Glad to read that you’ve got your sparkle back again lovely.


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