Be Bold Shine Bright This Winter with ASOS Curve



Just because the nights are getting longer and the world feels a little duller, it doesn’t mean you have to. It also doesn’t mean that you have to put all your summer clothes away – a good bright dress can take you all the way through winter if you want it to!

I bought this super bright dress from ASOS Curve over the summer and I am just in love with it. It makes me feel super happy and puts me in the best move. If you follow me on Instagram (and if you don’t, sort that shit out!) you’ll know that when I’m feeling down, I counteract that by putting on the brightest clothes I own, so this dress spends a lot of time on my body when I’m trying to feel better about life.

bright_dress_plus_size_asos_curve_festival _chevron_dress_lottie_lamour bright_dress_plus_size_asos_curve_festival _chevron_dress_lottie_lamour bright_dress_plus_size_asos_curve_festival _chevron_dress_lottie_lamour

As you can see, it automatically puts a huge smile on my face whenever I put it on! To make this dress a bit more winter worthy, I’ve paired it with leggings and a cute pair of pointed court shoes, but it would look just as bangin’ with tights and little ankle boots. I’d wear this with my leather jacket too, just to butch it up a little.

I also love how this dress fits my body – it comes with a black under dress (because the lighter stripes are a bit seethrough) which does a lot to smooth me out. But saying that this dress does cling to my stomach a little but because of the jazzy print I don’t even notice it.

So don’t let the grey get you down this season, chuck on a bright dress and laugh loudly and shine on sister!

bright_dress_plus_size_asos_curve_festival _chevron_dress_lottie_lamour

ASOS Curve Festival Chevron Print Dress – WAS £35.00 NOW £21.00!

Lottie L'Amour


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Plus-size, body positive, feminist, lesbian - ME. Lives in London, has a Nottingham heart.

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