Feeling Tutu Good For This…with Society Plus!



Not long ago, I was lusting after a tutu. Sooooo many beautiful babes I’ve seen have had a tutu on – and I wanted to be part of their gang! Well, do you know how difficult it is to find a good plus size tutu that isn’t a million quid and too scratchy and made in good old Blighty?! It’s nigh on impossible! So I put my internet super sleuthing to good use and found Society Plus.

Society Plus are an American Brand, once called Cool Gal Blue that specialise in super fashionable, but really affordable clothes for fat women. I’d seen a tutu on there before as part of their collection with super vlogger Loey Lane and I just knew I had to get one! They recently had a 20% off offer and free international shipping so of course… I had to buy something!

So lo and behold, my tutu of dreams and THE crop top from Danielle Vanier, Callie Thorpe and Georgina Cox’s issue of Skorch!


Yes that’s right bitches, I’ve got a tutu on, I’m wearing sparkly heels, I’ve got MY BEAUTIFUL BELLY OUT and I am having a great time! This has to be my favourite outfit TO DATE. It is so fun and flirty and I feel sexy and flirty in it. AND MY STOMACH IS OUT AND THE WORLD IS STILL TURNING. The shipping of the items was a bit rubbish I must say with my crop top arriving first (and a pesky customs charge) and my tutu appearing a few weeks later – but the lovely Kristina at Society Plus sorted all my issues out and gave some incredible customer service that made up for it all. I know some other gorgeous girls over here are having some shipping issues still though – something to bear in mind for us Brits!


I teamed this amazing outfit with my early birthday present from my gorgeous Mum (thanks Mummy!) which was the incredible Lady Luck glitterlicious bag from ASOS made by Skinny Dip and Felicity Hayward! I think it’s the right kind of quirky for this outfit, what do you think?


society_plus_cool_gal_blue_plus_size_tutu_lavender society_plus_cool_gal_blue_plus_size_tutu_lavender

Cool Girl Tutu – $72.00 (Around £48) – colour now out of stock
Society+ Caged Crop Top – $38.00 (Around £25)
Skinny Dip x Felicity Hayward Lady Luck Bag – £30
Sparkly Wide Fit Kitten Heels – £19.99

Lottie L'Amour


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Plus-size, body positive, feminist, lesbian - ME. Lives in London, has a Nottingham heart.

10 thoughts on “Feeling Tutu Good For This…with Society Plus!

  1. You look so happy in this outfit, surely wearing a pink tu tu has to be on every girls bucket list. Also that crop top/jacket combo is cool.


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