Plus Size Comfort – A Cosy Coat from Curvissa!


There’s nothing better than getting all snuggled up in a lovely warm coat when the weather gets a bit more rubbish. You might have seen my post on some of the best coats around on my post earlier on in the month (click HERE to take a look!) where I featured coats with faux fur all over the show.

I was on the look out for my perfect faux fur trimmed jacket – a cool coat to keep me warm and dry but not overheat me whilst the seasons decide what the hell they want to do – so when the ladies from Curvissa got in contact offering to send me a coat of my choice I did a HUGE jump for joy!

I chose this gorgeous faux fur, faux leather trimmed, khaki denim delight – check me out!


Curvissa – £89.00

Yes, that is the exact amount of glee that I get from wearing this gorgeous parka! It is just the right thickness of material to wear over the top of any clothing you might wear without you overheating. The faux fur collar is detachable, so if you aren’t feeling full blown luxury bitch that day (to which you must ask yourself why, because LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO NOT BE A LUXURY BITCH) you can take it right off and easily button it back on again.


The one thing I don’t like about this coat is the zip. It’s asymmetrical –  which I kind of get because of the way the collar sits – but it just makes the coat look a bit wonky in the front. The pockets on the front are really big and deep, handy for people who are constantly glued to their phones. I hate pockets that don’t fit my phone inside of it! The faux fur collar is just so so soft and the colour of the “fur” is just gorgeous and multitonal. This jacket does feel really expensive, so the value for money is there!


It also features inner drawstrings so you can nip the waist in as much as you’d like or as little as you’d like. I think it works well as a looser fitting coat but I love the added shaping you get when the waist is all drawn in. This kind of coat is so easy to either dress up or down and if you’re hugely impatient like me, it’s also on Next Day Delivery with Curvissa…yay! I am wearing a size 22 here, but this is cut small so it might have been nicer to go up a size again – bear this in mind if you have big hips and a big belly like mine!


You can find the whole of Curvissa’s range of coats by clicking HERE.I’ll be honest here too, I don’t really think of Curvissa as the place to go for my age range and my kind of styling. Saying that, I have seen some new in items creep in that are a lot more fashion forward, so keep you eyes out for transformations! I know I’ll be checking them out a lot more in the future.


Are you on the look out for a new coat? Have you ever purchased from Curvissa before? Let me know!

Lottie L'Amour


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Plus-size, body positive, feminist, lesbian - ME. Lives in London, has a Nottingham heart.

9 thoughts on “Plus Size Comfort – A Cosy Coat from Curvissa!

  1. I always want to see faux fur on everything, tbh, so I am very much loving this coat. It looks great on you! Plus, the leather sleeves are a nice touch. xx


  2. This coat looks great on you – love it! I need to find myself more faux fur…everything!


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