Plus Size Coats – Baby, It’s Cold Outside!



So now I’ve got both a Game of Thrones reference in AND a generic winter related song in the first 10 words of this blog post, we can move on to looking at ALL OF THE PRETTY THINGS. Yes, the leaves are turning, randomly named hurricanes are on their way, everything is pumpkin spiced and there appears to be the return of Ugg Boots – its Autumn and I for one am VERY EXCITED.

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Summer. Longer days, sunshine and the excuse to wear very little in public is all very attractive to me – but there comes a point where I want to put on a bangin’ coat and reveal my clothing when I am indoors. There’s been some gorgeous coats appearing just recently and I wouldn’t be your friendly neighbourhood plus-size fashionista without bringing you my pick of the bunch!

Fur Trimmed Fabulous


L-R : Collectif – £187.50, Simply Be – £80, ASOS Curve – £100

Caped Crusaders


L-R : Simply Be – £65, Simply Be – £98, Elvi – £85

Return of the Mac


L-R : La Redoute –  £49, Studio Eight – £135, Simply Be – £50

What do you think? Will you be trying any of these looks? Let me know!

Lottie L'Amour


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Plus-size, body positive, feminist, lesbian - ME. Lives in London, has a Nottingham heart.

11 thoughts on “Plus Size Coats – Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

  1. Oooh love it! That first coat, with the fur and the gathers, is right up my alley. Too bad it’s not in my budget. How come I always gotta fall in love with the most expensive item in the lot…? Haha!


  2. I love the first Simply Be coat, it’s very me. I was looking for a coat today in Westfield but they only have Forever 21 & New Look so didn’t find a nice coat 😥


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